CNN’s Chris Cuomo Appears to Be Naked in Background of Wife’s Instagram Live

Chris Cuomo appears to be naked on Wife instagram live

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has always been quite transparent when it comes to his life both on and off camera. But he may have just taken that transparency to a whole new level. According to Page Six, Cuomo was seen on his wife Cristina Greeven Cuomo’s Instagram Live at the end of May in the … Read more

Chris Cuomo Gives Update On Son Mario’s Battle with Coronavirus

Chris Cuomo son Mario recovering from cornavirus

Chris Cuomo has battled coronavirus. His wife Cristina is still battling Coronavirus. And now his son Mario is just beginning his battle. “The virus worked through the family,” Chris Cuomo shared on his nightly CNN show Cuomo Prime Time on Wednesday (April 23.). “It was me and Cristina, and now Mario has the same symptoms … Read more

Chris Cuomo Emerges from Basement Quarantine, Joins Recovering Wife Upstairs

Chris Cuomo emerges from basement after coronavirus

It’s been a rough few weeks for CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, but better days now lie ahead. On Monday (April 20,) Cuomo shared video of him emerging from the confines of his basement, a place he has been quarantined in since his coronavirus diagnosis. [RELATED: Chris Cuomo Shares His ‘Scary’ Chest X-Rays as He Continues … Read more

Chris Cuomo’s Wife Cristina Speaks Out Following Coronavirus Diagnosis

Cristina Cuomo speaks out about coronavirus diagnosis after husband chris cuomo

While taking care of her husband, CNN host Chris Cuomo—as he battles the coronavirus, Christina Cuomo also contracted the virus. Chris has been quarantined in his basement and continuing to shoot his show while battling the virus. He has kept people abreast of his symptoms and give a play by play about what it feels … Read more

Chris Cuomo Reveals Wife Cristina Has Contracted Coronavirus

Chris Cuomo wife Cristina tested positive for coronavirus

Chris Cuomo had to announce the one thing that he had hoped wouldn’t happen. On his show Wednesday night (April 15), the CNN host announced that his wife Cristina Greeven Cuomo has tested positive for coronavirus. As Chris spoke with his brother, Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, on his show Cuomo Prime Time, he … Read more

Coronavirus-Stricken Chris Cuomo Now Has a Police Report Filed Against Him

Chris Cuomo lawsuit field against him by biker

Chris Cuomo has much that he is dealing with these days thanks to his ongoing battle with coronavirus. But now, the CNN anchor also has a police complaint filed against him. What else can happen to him? We better not ask that. [RELATED: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Loses It During Explosive Tirade: ‘I Want to be … Read more

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Loses It During Explosive Tirade: ‘I Want to be Able to Tell You to Go to Hell’

Chris Cuomo rants about job at CNN during coronavirus battle

It’s been a rough few weeks for CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. Not only has the news man been in quite a rough battle with coronavirus, he has been sharing that battle on his CNN show  Cuomo Prime Time each and every night. This unsurpassed transparency regarding his condition has allowed viewers to get a first hand … Read more

Chris Cuomo Shares His ‘Scary’ Chest X-Rays as He Continues to Battle Coronavirus

Chris Cuomo shares xray of lungs with coronavirus

CNN’s Chris Cuomo continues being completely transparent when it comes to his current battle with coronavirus. On his show Cuomo Prime Time on Monday (April 6,) the veteran newsman discussed his health condition with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and even decided to share some of his own chest x-rays with viewers. [RELATED: CNN Host Chris … Read more

‘CNN’ Host Don Lemon Lets the Tears Fall While Talking About Co-Worker Chris Cuomo’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

Don Lemon tears up talking about Chris Cuomo coronavirus diagnosis

CNN host Don Lemon couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. As he did his best to put on a brave face during the Tuesday (March 31) telecast of CNN Tonight, Lemon ended up doing what many of us would like to do right now. He cried. The emotional moment occurred as Lemon was interviewing … Read more