12 Funniest Tweets About the “Bachelor in Paradise” Finale—That Wasn’t Funny At All

“Bachelor In Paradise,” we barely knew you and now we have to watch “Dancing With the Stars.” The finale, like the season, was a big dumpster fire of nothing happening and Chris Harrison politely narrating it all. We got an hour with the entire cast together to focus on a love triangle, Raven Gates, a … Read more

Miss Alabama Told Chris Harrison She Had No Interest in Being on “The Bachelor”

The 2018 Miss America Pageant was one for the books, as contestants were asked two different questions during the competition. The first question was a more-lighted hearted ask, serving as an opportunity to get to know a little more about the contestants’ personalities. Judge Molly Sims wasting no time in putting Chris Harrison, beloved host … Read more

Corinne Olympios Confirmed for the Billionth Time that Nothing Happened During “Bachelor in Paradise” Fiasco

At this point, ABC and Warner Bros. must have lost more money during the “Bachelor in Paradise” shutdown fiasco, because they are milking this thing to get every single penny back– and then some. The most recent round of Shutdown Drama 101 featured party girl; Corinne Olympios, Chris Harrison and a live studio audience. You’ll … Read more

13 Pretty Perfect and Hilarious Tweets About Episode 5 of “Bachelor in Paradise”

After the most recent episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” it’s time to admit a couple of things– these people need more than two drinks an hour to be on TV, some people shouldn’t be allowed to drink in excessive heat at all, Chris Harrison really is lying when he says something is dramatic and this … Read more

Chris Harrison’s Interview with DeMario Jackson was Kind of Sad and Kind of Too Late

For a show that supposedly isn’t interested in dragging out a non-existent scandal, “Bachelor in Paradise” is sure dragging this thing out. Last week Chris Harrison conducted a Sex Ed class for the cast and this week he’s hosting a group therapy session in front of a studio audience. To begin this segment, Chris said, … Read more

“Bachelor in Paradise” Approached Alleged Misconduct with a Weird Sex Ed Class Led by Chris Harrison

Just when you think you’ve seen everything you could see during an episode from “The Bachelor” franchise, “Bachelor in Paradise,” storms in and exclaims, “hold my beer!” After spending the first half of season 4, episode 2 on the wedding of Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, the show was abruptly back on the beach with … Read more

16 Funniest Quotes from “Bachelor in Paradise” Premiere

After a production shutdown, a scandal and several broken hearts– “Bachelor in Paradise” is back and we started off with all the action before production shutdown. The cameras rolled for 2 days before the Corinne Olympios-DeMario Jackson scandal went down and some interesting things were said and done. 16 Funniest Quotes from “Bachelor in Paradise” … Read more

“Bachelor in Paradise” Couple Announces Their Pregnancy

After meeting and falling in love during “Bachelor in Paradise,” Carly Waddell and husband Evan Bass are expecting their first child together. The couple was also married in front of BIP cameras– expected to air during this season’s show. “We are so happy to be expanding our family as we welcome Baby Bass in 2018,” … Read more

Dean Unglert, Kenny King and Other Contestants from “The Bachelorette” Don’t Believe Lee Garrett’s Apology Over Racists Tweets

Lee Garrett made quite a scene as a contestant on this season’s “The Bachelorette,” but his Twitter feed might have one-upped him. Throughout the season Garrett clashed with other contestants on the show, but especially with the men who have a different skin color than him. By the time the #MenTellAll came around, contestants were … Read more

Chris Harrison Basically Called DeMario Jackson an Idiot After #MenTellAll

Chris Harrison does not think DeMario Jackson is one of the good ones. And he’s telling everyone how he really feels about “The Bachelorette” contestant. During the season’s #MenTellAll, Jackson was contradictory, brash, defensive and a little dumb. Harrison pointed that after that show. “Very ironic. DeMario calling someone an idiot? Look, DeMario is DeMario…You … Read more

13 Kind of Funny Tweets About “The Bachelorette” and #MenTellAll

During a normal season of “The Bachelor/ette,” the episode before the finale is the most over-hyped, recap of a dumpster fire, town hall debate (Wo)Men Tell All. This season was a dumpster fire, but in the good way. DeMario Jackson was there and he stood up a lot. Kenny and Josiah went all-in on Lee’s … Read more

5 Really Interesting Things Chris Harrison Said About “Bachelor in Paradise”

Chris Harrison may be known as Mr. Nice Guy on each and every season and franchise of “The Bachelor,” but lately he’s shedding that image for the truth. After production was halted and restarted on the fourth season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Harrison has recently come out and said the show didn’t do anything wrong. … Read more