Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt List Their Favorite Body Parts on “Ellen”

While visiting “The Ellen Show” recently, mega-stars (and should-be comedians) Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt engaged in a round of “5 Second Rule.” During the challenge, the two were asked to list things like planets, space movies, nicknames for sex and… Body parts? Yep, both Jennifer and Chris had to name their three favorite body … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Talk About Outer Space Stunts, Bad Habits and Sweat on “Ellen”

World-renowned movie stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt visited “The Ellen Show” recently to talk about their upcoming movie “Passengers.” While there, the two shared stories about what it was like shooting scenes “in space.” Apparently, in order to get the illusion of floating in space, you have to use “underwear with hooks on it,” … Read more

11 Celebrities Showing Off Their Team USA Pride

The Olympic Games are unique in the way that they bring people together. There’s nothing quite like rooting for the same team, cheering on the same team and being emotionally invested in the same team as the rest of the nation — including our favorite celebrities. They, just like us, join together in cheering on … Read more

Chris Pratt’s Been Practicing His English Accent (and It Sounds Just Like Adele)

Actor (and totally hunk) Chris Pratt is incredibly good at making people laugh. From roles like Andy Dwyer from “Parks and Recreation,” to Emmet from “The Lego Movie,” to Paul from “Her,” Chris is always creating characters that are relatable, kind and, best of all, funny. And in real life, Chris is just as, if … Read more

Nothing is Cuter Than Chris Pratt Teaching His Son to Fish

Funny man and super hunk Chris Pratt further proves he’s absolutely perfect. He posted the following video of his son, Jack, learning to fish. The “Guardians of the Galaxy“ actor walks the 3-and-a-half year-old through casting … then pans over to show the pond their fishing. When he returns the camera to young Jack, the … Read more

Eric Church Inspires “Jurassic World” Actor Chris Pratt

Badass country singer Eric Church is now inspiring badass movie characters. Chris Pratt used Nashville’s favorite aviator sunglasses model as a point of reference for his character Owen in “Jurassic World.” Owen didn’t wear shades indoors and Eric Church wouldn’t be caught dead in the goofy vest Owen worse on-screen, it was all about the … Read more