Ree Drummond Reflects on Undeniable Christian Faith: “We’re Very Mindful of Storing Up Our Treasures in Heaven”

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has been blessed with a beautiful family, thriving businesses and a life that many of us could only dream of. Yet, the Food Network star says it is her faith in God that helps her keep all of these blessings in perspective. “We’re Bible-reading folks, and we love that verse … Read more

Trace Adkins Stars In MercyMe’s New Film For “I Can Only Imagine”

MercyMe’s hit song “I Can Only Imagine”, a Christian song about the hope of Heaven, is becoming a feature-length film. The song does not tell a story, but that doesn’t mean a song cannot be tacked onto it. And while the film doesn’t look like An Oscar nominee, it does star Trace Adkins and Danny … Read more

People Got A Sneak Peek Of The $500 Million Museum Of The Bible And The Pictures Are Breathtaking

Just two blocks away from the National Mall sits the Museum of the Bible, a $500 million building highlighting the history and effect of the Bible. While the museum features ancient settings meant to put the viewer into the context of the Scriptures, the exhibits highlight the impact of the Bible on American history. The … Read more

Chris Pratt Thanks Jesus During His First Public Appearance After Announcing His Divorce

No matter how hard you try, divorce in Hollywood is a public affair. It is as difficult as it is for the rest of us, just add a couple million spectators and commentators. As such, it is tempting for celebrities to act as if nothing is wrong or air their dirty laundry. Chris Pratt has … Read more

The Highest Paid Football Player In History Plans On Giving Millions Away, “This Money Is Going To Help A Lot Of People” (And Eating Chick-Fil-A)

What would you do with $125 million? We all have certain splurge items we would buy– a house, a boat, a luxury car, or an island– that remain fantasies until we win the lottery. Derek Carr, the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders doesn’t have to wonder. He has just signed the most lucrative contract in … Read more

6 Things I Learned From Justin Bieber’s “I Want to Live Like Jesus” Interview

You may have noticed recently that Justin Bieber has seemingly changed his tune. After the past few years of building a reputation on arrest records, negative confrontations with fans, underage drinking and partying, he now says that he is ready to “just honestly live like Jesus.” In an interview with Complex magazine, he shares some of his tips and … Read more