Pastor’s Post-Sermon Interview Says All The Things You Think After Going To Church

What if pastors had post-sermon interviews like football coaches? Well, it would be pretty hilarious and we would finally all say what we were thinking during the Sunday service. “Pastor, Pastor! Can you talk about that fumbled joke during the last point?” The guy in the video is a little too specific, maybe a little … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 9: God And Country Music

A lot of country songs talk about God but they talk about Him very differently. Some folks want to get a beer with Jesus, some feel like they need to go back to church, while others think they are too far gone. We invited a pastor onto this week’s podcast to talk about how country … Read more

The Reports Of Justin Bieber Running Over A Man Have Been Greatly Exaggeratted

Everyone needs to take it easy with Justin Bieber. The musical mega-star recently cancelled a number of shows for health concerns and he is now embroiled in a litany of speculation and condemnation. Rumors have swirled that he is starting his own church and, of course, paparazzi have hounded him anytime he shows his face … Read more

The Lady Who Has a Bible Verse for Everything Went to the Mall (And We Can’t Stop Laughing)

We all have that aunt who has a Bible verse for every situation. The Bible may not explicitly talk about sales at JC Penney, but that won’t stop her from praising the Lord. John Crist, maker of the Millennial Proposal, has obviously grown up around that lady. He turns a standard mall trip into a … Read more

Playlist: Songs for Easter

Believer or not, it’s hard to not recognize that a lot of country music’s roots lie within the Church. Most artists got their start singing in their church growing up. Everyone from Johnny Cash to Elvis to Alan Jackson have recorded Gospel albums that are sincere and honest. I’m a firm believer that every gathering– whether it’s … Read more