Maren Morris Claps Back on Anti-Feminist Tweeter

Maren Morris claps back at fan on Twitter

While many country music fans have been celebrating the artists who have been releasing songs supporting women and the strong roles they play in society, one country fan has taken issue with Maren Morris and her hit single, “Girl.” [RELATED: Maren Morris Teases Playboy Collaboration With Sexy Photos] In a post on Twitter, a young woman … Read more

Tori Spelling Strikes Back Against the Online Haters: “Shame On You”

Tori Spelling claps back at haters and shamers on social media

Living a life in the spotlight has it’s share of bright spots. Yet, the dark spots are very dark, especially when it comes to dealing with the haters. And unfortunately, this is nothing new for actress Tori Spelling. Throughout the years, Spelling has had to listen to many a mean comment, but when it comes … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Throws Shade at iHeart Radio in the Most Endearing Way

Kelly Clarkson IHeart Radio shade Twitter

Kelly Clarkson is known for standing up for herself on social media. If someone does her wrong in a tweet, she’s right there to answer back. Well, the pop singer doesn’t just take on social media trolls, she also stands up to radio. In a post on Twitter, iHeart Radio was promoting Kelly Clarkson’s new … Read more