This Guy Dances to “Girl Crush” While Vacuuming, So You Should Too

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7 Mistakes You Are Probably Making While Vacuuming

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6 Things You Need to Remove From Your Closet Right Now

Why is cleaning out our closets so agonizing? It’s a mystery, but hey, we are mysterious creatures! Maybe it’s because parting with old clothing and things that you wore in the past, means letting go of a past version of yourself. Or maybe there is a little sentimental value to certain pieces such as the … Read more

5 Shocking Ways to Use a Lemon

You are probably familiar with the traditional uses for lemons such as adding flavor to foods or dangling a slice on that glass of sweet iced tea. However the diversity of the uses for lemons far exceeds general knowledge. Once you read the following list, you’ll likely want to stock this household workhorse in your kitchen 24/7! Check … Read more