Clint Eastwood Brings 1996 Atlanta Bombing to Big Screen With “Richard Jewell” [Watch]

Richard Jewell movie directed by Clint Eastwood trailer

Warner Brothers released a first look at the Clint Eastwood directed drama Richard Jewell, about the 1996 Atlanta Bombing, where the security guard was accused of planting the bomb at Centennial Olympic Park. IMDB shares a synopsis of the upcoming film based on the true story. “American security guard, Richard Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser), heroically … Read more

Toby Keith Performs “Don’t Let the Old Man In” at the Grand Ole Opry [Watch]

Toby Keith singing Don't let the old man in Grand Ole Opry

Toby Keith returned to the Grand Ole Opry on Dec. 7 where he performed his brand new single, “Don’t Let the Old Man In.” The track is featured in Clint Eastwood’s new film “The Mule” and was penned by Toby. The song itself details an older man looking back on his life and was inspired … Read more

Hear Toby Keith’s “Don’t Let the Old Man In” From Clint Eastwood’s Film “The Mule”

Toby Keith new single

Toby Keith was inspired to write a new song called “Don’t Let the Old Man In” after a chat with actor and director Clint Eastwood. Now the song is featured in Eastwood’s upcoming film, “The Mule,” in theaters Dec. 14. According to a post on Instagram, Toby asked Clint what keeps him going and the … Read more

18 Must-See Westerns for Movie Lovers

Westerns aren’t as popular as they used to be, what with Marvel and “Star Wars” dominating the box office. But you should never think that the genre is unimportant. Fun films about outlaws and frontier justice are both entertaining and help us investigate deeper questions about morality, justice, duty, love, and what it means to … Read more

10 Manliest Men in Country Music

Just because an artist wears a muscle shirt and sings a few country music songs doesn’t equal to years of sewing his true manly oats. Luckily there are a few country music artists that can truly carry on the proud tradition of being a man. 10 Manliest Men in Country Music:   10. Craig Morgan … Read more

40 Manliest Men in American History

With college football season upon us, the occasion brings with it all the trash-talking and gloating that sports and their fans can muster up. And while we can all agree that football is a manly sport, with manly toughness, there are many types of toughness — mental toughness, soft-spoken toughness, physical toughness, military toughness, and even crazy, … Read more

35 Greatest Westerns of All Time

While the Western movie era peaked in the 1960s, viewers have not lost their lust for hardened gunslingers, rugged outlaws, and the protagonist cowboy who is always in search of his moral compass. And while Hollywood still produces a noteworthy Western every couple of years, no one can deny that during their prime, Westerns were … Read more

Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites (Literally)

To me, Clint Eastwood is the rough-around-the-edges, hugely talented, kind of older guy that is better looking than John Wayne. Eastwood is that to most of us, but he’s also the guy that got famous on the TV series “Rawhide” before he became a regular Oscar-nominee (and winner). Lost somewhere amongst his awards and ill-fated reality … Read more