Drink Like the Ladies of “Real Housewives of New York” With This Skinnygirl Cantarito Recipe

On Wednesday, July 26, the “Real Housewives of New York” take us on the next segment of their contentious trip to Mexico. The trip, which is being hosted by Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel, includes a trip to one of the tequila vendors her company uses. Now you can skip on one of the same cocktails … Read more

Mini Margarita Slush Is Too Cute To Resist

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Two Classy Tequila Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

Putting together your menu for your Super Bowl party? Our friends at Sauza have to recipes to help you with your cocktail needs. Sauza-Rita (Serves 8) Ingredients: 1 can Sauza® Signature Blue Silver Tequila 1 can frozen limeade 1 bottle light beer 1 can of water Preparation: Pour limeade and beer into a pitcher with … Read more

Mango Strawberry Sangria Bowl Will Make You Thirsty For More

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Make The Perfect Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Hot Toddy With This Recipe

When it’s cold outside, nothing warms you up as well as the perfect hot toddy. With apple juice, honey, and lemon, this classic winter cocktail will have you feeling amazing in no time. Check it out and make the perfect winter pick me up today. Ingredients: 25ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey 25ml apple juice Juice … Read more

Bring A Slice Of Summer To Your Winter Months With This Fishbowl Cocktail

Winter doesn’t have to mean you go without the beach. Okay, so it’s not like you’re taking a beach trip any time soon (if you are, we’re jealous), but you can bring a little slice of the beach to your place with this fishbowl cocktail. This has to be one of the most adorable cocktails … Read more

Warm Your Night Up With This Broadbay Sour Recipe

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Starburst Shot Recipe Proves That The Pink Starburst Really Is The Best

It’s hard not to love the pink Starburst. We fight over it, get sad when there are no more in the bag, and honestly wish that whoever makes Starburst would just sell the pink variety only. Fortunately, you can celebrate your love for the perfect Starburst flavor with these easy and gorgeous shots. Perfect for … Read more