7 Unexpected Stories Behind Your Favorite Fizzy Drinks And How They Got Their Names

Soft drinks, sodas, cokes, pop– whatever you call them, they are ubiquitous. It would be odd to go to a restaurant that does not serve them. Many of these drinks did not start as beverages you would want with a meal. In the 19th century, they were medicine using cutting edge techniques to give people … Read more

It’s Time You Tried Calimocho, The Redneck Sangria From Spain

Calimocho, also known as the poor man’s sangria, is a Basque beverage, rooted in the Northeast of Spain along the French border. I might even call it redneck sangria. It is simple, cheap, and astonishingly refreshing. There’s no room for being uppity with Calimocho–no vintage wines or fancy herbal mixes. Go get a bottle of … Read more

The Best Shampoo For Your Hair Might Be Coca Cola

This sounds pretty weird, but hear us out on this one. Suki Waterhouse, Insurgent star and former British supermodel, swears by this technique to get the most out of her hair. She admitted to Us Weekly that she sometimes rinses her hair with Coca-Cola. We’re not joking. She boosts her hair with soda of all … Read more