Brittany Aldean Is Trying to Cheer Up Jason Aldean After Her Alabama Crimson Tide Beat His Georgia Bulldogs

Memphis Aldean is still a newborn, but he’s already been a part of several big-time college football games. Memphis spent his first full day of life decked out in Georgia Bulldog gear with his dad Jason Aldean watching the Dawgs win the SEC Championship. A couple of weeks later he got to cheer on mom … Read more

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Jason Aldean and Charles Kelley Took a Tour Bus to the College Football Playoff National Championship Game to Watch Their Beloved Bulldogs Lose

Two of the biggest stars in country music, Charles Kelley and Jason Aldean, also happen to be huge Georgia Bulldogs fans, so it was only natural for them to travel down to Atlanta together for the College Football Playoff National Championship. With their wives, Cassie Kelley and Brittany Aldean in tow, the foursome got close … Read more

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Jason and Brittany Aldean’s Baby Memphis Has a Big Wardrobe Decision to Make for CFP National Championship Game

Before Jason and Brittany Aldean welcomed their son Memphis into the world, fans were already clamoring to know which college football team he would be cheering for on Saturdays– dad’s beloved Georgia Bulldogs or mom’s perennial powerhouse team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. This summer, Brittany shared with fans that Memphis’ fandom, “depends on which parent … Read more

Baby Memphis Aldean Helped Dad Cheer on the Georgia Bulldogs to an SEC Championship This Weekend

Jason and Brittany Aldean welcomed Memphis Aldean Williams to the world on December 1, 2017. And at just 24 hours old the little guy was already decked out in his finest Georgia Bulldog gear helping dad cheer on his favorite college football team in the SEC Championship game. Actually, dad had all of his kids … Read more

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ESPN Denies Report That Taylor Swift is Performing During College Football Playoff National Championship

File this one under things I never thought I’d write. And you can put it right next to the one about Taylor Swift premiering a song before one of the biggest games of the current college football season. After “Entertainment Tonight” reported that Swift would be performing during the College Football Playoff National Championship, ESPN … Read more

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