The Lady With A Bible Verse For Everything Goes To Vegas (And We Can’t Stop Laughing)

John Crist, the man who brought you “Millennial Proposal“, must have had an aunt who had a Bible verse for every situation. You know the one, the lady who, no matter how random, can cite a Bible verse from memory in reference to a football play, a perfectly cooked meal, or a sale at Kohl’s. … Read more

Kids Try 100 Years of Bagged Lunches And Prove School Lunches Have Never Been Very Good

There was always a hierarchy of food around the school lunch table based on who got the best dessert and sides. Some of it was trendy, some healthy, and some of whatever leftovers our Moms could throw together before hustling out the front door. Mostly it was good, but rarely what we would have chosen … Read more

Larry the Cable Guy Explains His Fake Southern Accent

Daniel Whitney has built a career on his “awe-shucks” country alter-ego Larry the Cable Guy. He is so convincing onstage that people assume Whitney is Larry. But Whitney, a former drama and speech major in college, is much less exaggerated than his onstage persona. I think it’s really interesting to hear Whitney’s true voice. He … Read more

“Last Man Standing” Producers Are Seeking a New Home for the Sitcom

Last Man Standing may not be done after all. Variety reports that 20th Century Fox Television — which produces the show — is seeking a new home for the Tim Allen comedy. The move comes days after ABC’s decision to cancel the show which was in its sixth season. “That’s the one that’s really an … Read more

Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon Give Bruno Mars the Barbershop Quartet Treatment

Bruno Mars is a hit machine. His music is fun and infectious, and capable of making the stuffiest music hater to dance. But, how much of his music is built on his personality? If you stripped away the beat, the bass groove, and his attitude what would you be left with? Answer: Jimmy Fallon’s barbershop … Read more

Fishing Stereotypes That Describe All The Fisherman in Your Life

Let’s be honest, fishing has no season, but summer is the perfect time to cast a line. Whether you catch something or not, few things can beat a day a on the water with a buddy and a full cooler. But, there are some fishing stereotypes that can make the day frustrating: the guy who … Read more

The Lady Who Has a Bible Verse for Everything Went to the Mall (And We Can’t Stop Laughing)

We all have that aunt who has a Bible verse for every situation. The Bible may not explicitly talk about sales at JC Penney, but that won’t stop her from praising the Lord. John Crist, maker of the Millennial Proposal, has obviously grown up around that lady. He turns a standard mall trip into a … Read more