You Could Win A Dinner For Three With Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet, But It Will Cost You

One of the most enduring and endearing cinema romances the short lived relationship between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) in Titanic. We all know that that there was plenty of space on that door for Jack, and yet, continue to celebrate both the characters and the real life friendship of DiCaprio and Winslet. … Read more

10 Wedding Dresses We’ll Never Wear

These wedding dresses are beautiful, like something out of “Say Yes To The Dress,” but no one will ever wear them. Why? Because they’re made of toilet paper. We’re not kidding. Each year, Cheap-Chic-Weddings puts on a contest with Charmin to see who can design the best wedding dress out of just toilet paper, tape, … Read more