Lindsay Ell Shows Off Her First Tattoo

Lindsay Ell tattoo instagram photo

Lindsay Ell has joined the tattoo club. The “Criminal” singer recently got her first ink and shares the story behind her decision in a heartfelt post on Instagram. “Call it a lifeline,” she captions an image of freshly inked skin showing two arrows. “A story. A legend. Pointed towards my heart, pushed forward by my … Read more

Lindsay Ell To Release Her Own Re-Imagined Version of John Mayer’s “Continuum” Album

Lindsay Ell cover for The Continuum Project

Lindsay Ell’s “homework assignment” from producer Kristian Bush was in fact, not work at all. The re-recording of her all-time favorite album led to her latest passion project, The Continuum Project. Lindsay, a big fan of John Mayer, took to Twitter to announce the release of her latest offering, that has her re-imagining her heroes … Read more

Lindsay Ell Shares More of Her Life and Career in Part 2 of One Country’s Artist Spotlight

In Part 2 of our One Country Artist Spotlight, Lindsay Ell delves further into her life and career by talking with One Country‘s Kelly Sutton about her relationship with radio DJ Bobby Bones, her current album The Project and what Sugarland’s Kristian Bush made her do in the studio. “One of the first music meetings … Read more