“Hell’s Kitchen” Season 12 Contestant Jessica Vogel Dies at Age 34

Heartbreaking news from former “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant Jessica Vogel. Vogel died at the age of 34 on Monday, July 30. According to a statement from her fiance to NorthJersey.com, she was being treated for the inflammatory bowel disease colitis at a hospital in southern New Jersey when “her heart gave out.” According to her obituary, she … Read more

The Easiest Way To Make Food Off The Grill Taste Amazing

There is a profound difference between grey oven-made steak and sizzling meat off the grill. It is an art form for most men. They have their unimpeachable method for cooking; anything else is sin. I’m not here to mess with your method, I think you should add one simple ingredient to the fire: hardwood. I … Read more

Recipe: Summer Corn Chowder

I don’t usually like making soup during the summer, but I make an exception when I can use fresh corn on the cob to make Summer Corn Chowder. Check out the video, and see how quick and easy this recipe is. Then try it and taste the deliciousness for yourself! Summer Corn Chowder Ingredients: 2 … Read more

15 Essential Kitchen Tools That Should Be in Your Kitchen No Matter What

There are a million kitchen tools on the market that come in every color imaginable and each promise to make you a better cook. Most of them can only do one very specific task (like the strawberry de-stemmer) and will end up wasting your money and taking up precious space in your kitchen. If you … Read more

How To Choose The Perfect Cutting Board For You

We often discuss the sharpness and quality of our knives, spending ample time deciding which kind is right for us. But cutting boards are often relegated to a last minute purchase while wandering around Wal-Mart looking for kitchenware. Sure, this one works, you say. But a cutting board is an essential and long-lived purchase that … Read more

The Definitive Way To Make The Perfect Burger Is Here

You might never want to admit it, but don’t your burgers sometimes resemble a rock or a pile of dirt more than our American favorite? If your burgers are dry, crumbly, and sort of round, you’re going about it all wrong. Overcooking your meat, while safer for people unsure in the kitchen, can make for … Read more

Prove Your Kitchen Worth By Mastering These 5 Basic Cooking Skills

We all have that friend who’s ‘lost in the kitchen’ as some of our grandmothers put it. Said friend can barely boil water, manages to make an enormous mess in the kitchen every time they so much as open the fridge, and includes Ramen as a staple of their diet. Although I wouldn’t consider myself … Read more