How to Avoid #AvacadoHand

The oddest hashtag is trending on Twitter: #avocadohand. Even Merryl Streep has it. It has nothing to do with the green fruit that we all love. Avocado-Hand is the new medical slang for, “slicing your hand open while trying to cut an avocado.” Despite what other outlets (and even a few plastic surgeons) are saying … Read more

6 Cooking Tips from Kimberly Schlapman on “The Talk”

When Kimberly Schlapman isn’t breaking records and singing harmonies with Little Big Town she’s in the kitchen cooking up some old-fashioned Southern favorites. During a recent appearance on “The Talk,” Schlapman showed off her skills with a quiche, grilled cream corn and roasted tomatoes. Schlapman is a general in the kitchen, but she sure does … Read more