How To Choose The Perfect Cutting Board For You

We often discuss the sharpness and quality of our knives, spending ample time deciding which kind is right for us. But cutting boards are often relegated to a last minute purchase while wandering around Wal-Mart looking for kitchenware. Sure, this one works, you say. But a cutting board is an essential and long-lived purchase that … Read more

Prove Your Kitchen Worth By Mastering These 5 Basic Cooking Skills

We all have that friend who’s ‘lost in the kitchen’ as some of our grandmothers put it. Said friend can barely boil water, manages to make an enormous mess in the kitchen every time they so much as open the fridge, and includes Ramen as a staple of their diet. Although I wouldn’t consider myself … Read more

How to Make Perfect Bacon Every Time

It’s hard not to love bacon. After all, it’s loaded with fat, salt, and protein– things that taste wonderful to our caveman palates. It’s even customizable, ranging from super crunchy (my personal favorite) to those delectably soft bites you can put in chili and soups. But for all the love we have for bacon, it … Read more

Loretta Lynn’s Commercial for Crisco is Everything (And More)

If you think brands are just now starting to attach themselves to country music superstars, you’ve obviously forgotten about Crisco making Loretta Lynn the face of Crisco. In 1979, Lynn became the spokesperson for the brand and did print and TV ads for well over a decade. Crisco ads featured Lynn’s “country cooking” recipes and … Read more

Giada de Laurentis Does a Cooking Demonstration with Jimmy Kimmel and His Elf

Esteemed chef Giada de Laurentis and late night finny-guy Jimmy Kimmel joined forces to create a delicious classic Italian-style Christmas meal. With the help of Guillermo and their friend Gabriel, the four make everything from drinks to dessert. These recipes will leave your mouth watering, trust us. Image Source: YouTube

5 Easy and Delicious Things You Can Do With Frozen Chicken

If you’re like me, you have a bag (or bags) of seemingly useless and disgusting frozen chicken in your freezer. It seems like, at this point, there’s no way it could taste good, but believe it or not, there are actually some delicious things that you can make with that meat. 5 Easy Things You … Read more