19 Things Most People Don’t Know About Halloween

Every October, people all over the world celebrate the ancient holiday of Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve. Although today it features costumes, trick-or-treating, haunted houses and ghost stories, it wasn’t always that way. Here are 20 things most people don’t know about our spooky holiday. 1. Halloween is more Irish than Leprechauns. Believe … Read more

Glamorous Zombie Makeup Tutorial Makes For The Perfect Classy Halloween Costume

Yes, you can look sexy for Halloween. With the right makeup, that is. If you’re wanting something a bit more glam for Halloween, this tutorial has you covered. You might be a zombie for Halloween, but you’ll be a gorgeous one. With harsh lines and played up eyes, this look is super easy to throw … Read more

Start Your Halloween With A Slice of the ’90s With A Spice Girls Makeup Tutorial

Whether you were a fan or not, we can all remember the iconic Spice Girls look from the ’90s. These five girls were the icon of an era, easily recognizable for people who grew up in that decade. If you’re hoping to recreate their ’90s famous look, try this tutorial on for size. This easy … Read more

Celebrate Your Love For Barbie This Halloween With This Simple Tutorial

If you grew up loving to play with Barbie dolls, you might remember wanting to have makeup just like Barbie’s. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding what Barbie teaches young girls about their bodies, but you can still have a gorgeous look just like Barbie without the controversy. This tutorial uses basic, common makeup products, … Read more

This Creepy Costume Can Be Made With Makeup Products You Already Have At Home

If you’re looking for a costume that’s not cutesy or subtle, look no further than this tattooed skull costume. This can be made using basic makeup products you already have at home, making it an easy look to throw on when you’re in a rush for your Halloween party. This Halloween look is a super … Read more

NFL Player Lost a Team Competition, So He Had to Warm-Up in a T-Rex Costume

If you weren’t a fan of the Arizona Cardinals before, you might be now. Or maybe, if you weren’t a fan of dinosaurs, you might be now. Patrick Peterson, a cornerback for Cardinals, likes to participate in the team’s quarterback accuracy competitions for some reason. According to the team’s starting QB, Carson Palmer, Peterson cannot … Read more