Subliminal Messages in Country Music That Could Be Detrimental to Your Health

Diet, a nasty four-letter word, has haunted me for most of my life. However, when I was a little girl, I was skinny. In fact, I was so skinny that my daddy loved to say that a good March windstorm would blow me away. Nowadays, when Carrie Underwood sings, “there’s not enough wind in Oklahoma,” it … Read more

11 Puzzling and Explicit Country Music Lyrics

Is there anything better than singing along to a song while doing some other activity you love? It’s no doubt that music makes everything better and amplifies our experiences. But, what about when you actually listen to the lyrics of some your favorite joints? Turns out– some of those lyrics are so spicy they should … Read more

Misheard Country Music Lyrics

Nothing like some great misheard country music lyrics to entertain make you both laugh and feel slightly superior to your friends. The longer the person has been singing along to the wrong lyrics, the better. “King of the Road” // Roger Miller Misheard Lyrics: Sailors for sale or rent Actual Lyrics: Trailers for sale or rent … Read more