8 Country Stars With Iconic Makeup

You can’t deny it- country music starlets have style. From their close-to-God hair down to their boots, female country music stars are polished to a T. So how can we draw style inspiration from these lades? An easy simple way is to imitate their makeup. Here are 8 country stars with iconic makeup. Shania Twain … Read more

Country Stars Have More Fun (on Instagram)

I know famous people are always talking about how hard life is being famous and I’m sure to some extent it does make life a bit harder, but when you peruse some of our favorite country stars’ Instagram accounts– it sure seems like they are also having a lot of fun! And they sure do … Read more

Country Music Stars and Their Top Dogs

Have you ever seen one of those magazine articles exclaiming, “Stars! They’re Just Like Us!” and thought, no, they are not. Mostly true, but when it comes to stars and their pets, yes, they are just like us. However, they may name their dogs after more country music legends than we do! Check out some of … Read more