Keith Urban Faces Challenges Making “God Whispered Your Name” Video

Keith urban god whispered Your name video

It’s always interesting to see what artists and video producers are going to come up for the companion piece to a new single. Keith Urban didn’t make fans wait very long before dropping the music video for “God Whispered Your Name,” And as gorgeous, thoughtful and appropriate as the video is, making it didn’t come … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Newcomer Parker Redmond Premieres Video for “The Date”

Parker Redmond debut The Date

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Parker Redmond has music in his blood. Influenced by his dad’s love of country music and his mom’s passion for Elvis, the Tennessee native developed his own sound that can be heard in is debut single, “The Date.” One Country has the exclusive premiere of Parker’s debut video, directed by … Read more

It’s Willie Nelson Against The World In His New “Me And You”

Willie Nelson may be one of the oldest active country musicians, but he isn’t looking to retire anytime soon. His new music has taken an honest look at mortality, love, and work. In his most recent release, “Me and You,” he laments the state of the world, loyalty, and tries to figure out how to … Read more

Blake Shelton’s Video For “I Lived It” Is A Walk Down Memory Lane

What is it that makes your childhood home so wonderful? It’s less about the place and the structures than the memories made there. The big oak tree in the front yard is important because you used to climb it every day after school. The house, which you may not want to live in today, is … Read more

Brett Young Celebrates Third No. 1 Hit With Nashville Party

Brett Young is three for three when it comes to No. 1 singles. The California native has watched his first three songs, “Sleep Without You,” “In Case You Didn’t Know” and “Like I Loved You,” reach the top of the Mediabase and Billboard charts. Monday night (Feb. 12), the 6’6″ singer was celebrating the last … Read more

Cam Confronts “Diane” In Her Amazing New Video

Cam finally released her video for “Diane”, her celebrated song about the other woman. Cam embodies a woman who entered an affair with a man she didn’t know was married and, upon realizing he was married, calls the wife to try and make things right. The video puts that story into vintage country visuals that … Read more

Ruston Kelly’s “1000 Graves” Is A Heartbreaking Story Of Love During War

Ruston Kelly‘s Halloween is a raw, introspective record that has been garnering well-deserved attention since its release in April. One of the stand-out tracks is the moody “1000 Graves”, which just got paired with an equally emotional video. The video shares the story of a veteran returned home, wrestling with the memory of a love … Read more

Jon Pardi’s Video For His Somber “She Ain’t In It” Is Pitch-Perfect

Jon Pardi just released a pitch-perfect video for his lonesome ballad “She Ain’t In It.” The song accurately describes the feeling of loss and rejection after a breakup and the desire every scorned man has of wanting to avoid his ex at all costs while wanting nothing more than to be back by her side. … Read more

Lindsay Ell Gives Justin Timberlake’s “Filthy” A Bluesy Makeover

Lindsay Ell is a versatile and talented performer able to cover One Direction, the Weeknd, Fleetwood Mac, and George Jones tunes in a way completely her own. Her most recent challenge is the electro/funk/R&B “Filthy” from Justin Timberlake’s forthcoming Man of the Woods. In Ell’s hands, it becomes a bluesy, down-south anthem. Ell transforms the … Read more

Justin Timberlake Started His Career As The Adorable Country Singer Justin Randall

Justin Timberlake isn’t a country artist, but it sure looks like he started out as one. In 1992, he walked onto the stage as “Justin Randall” in an oversized hat, bolo tie, boots, and a huge belt buckle to sing Alan Jackson’s “Love’s Got A Hold Of You.” It makes you wonder what could have … Read more

Newcomer Bailey Bryan Puts Her Own Spin on “Go Tell It On The Mountain”

Newcomer Bailey Bryan is taking the traditional song “Go Tell It on The Mountain” and putting her own fresh spin on the classic. “Go Tell It On The Mountain’ is really special to me because it’s the first Christmas song I ever learned to play,” said Bailey. “When I lived in Washington, I would sit … Read more

11 Best Americana Songs Of 2017

Americana is closely knit to country music but often overlooked for it’s almost anti-pop sound. As a result, it attracts the misfits, the fed up, the individualists, and the non-conformists. But that isn’t a bad thing. The men and women who make music with their own set of rules tend to make some pretty amazing … Read more