Steve Moakler Is The New Artist To Watch In 2018

He may not have been nominated as a CMA New Artist of the Year, but Steve Moakler is the rising artist to watch. The singer-songwriter’s latest album Steel Town turned heads of country fans and critics alike with it’s optimism, soul, and authentic lyrics. Take, for example his recently recorded acoustic version of “Suitcase,” his … Read more

Hunter Hayes’ Second Episode Of “Pictures” Pairs A Good Song With A Troubling Video

Hunter Hayes is trying out a new way to tell stories through his music. His new music video trilogy “Pictures” takes us back to the Doo-Wop era and uses his songs as soundtracks rather than the focal point of the videos. The trilogy got off to a strong start, setting up stories and romances that … Read more

Kane Brown Showcases His Success In The New Video For “Found You”

Kane Brown is out to prove that he is more than a one hit wonder. The best way to do that is to put out another strong single while honoring and thanking your fans. It’s not an easy task, but one Brown hopes to achieve with his most recent music video for “Found You.” The … Read more

Aaron Watson’s Concert Video For “Outta Style” Will Make You Want To See Him In Person

Nashville can be a tough town. Most people trying to make it in the music business never catch their break and many pack up and head back home. Aaron Watson was one of them. But when he headed back to Texas he didn’t give up on a career in music. Instead, he started making music … Read more

Walker Hayes’ “You Broke Up With Me” May Be The Happiest Break-Up Song In Country Music

Typically, the person who gets broken up with feels blindsided in the wake of a failed relationship. The person who does the breaking up is in control, knows what they want, and is able to move on easily. But that isn’t the case in Walker Hayes‘ poppy break-up song “You Broke Up With Me.” He … Read more

Watch Little Big Town’s New Music Video for “When Someone Stops Loving You”

Little Big Town released their music video for their single “When Someone Stops Loving You,” and it’s filled with some incredibly scenic and beautiful shots. The video is shot in a panoramic style and features the band as they make their way across a desolate, deserted wood as a way to complement the feeling of … Read more

Brad Paisley’s “Heaven South” Video Will Make You Fall In Love With The South All Over Again

What is it that make the south so wonderful? Is it the food? The lifestyle? A beautiful day with the person you love? Maybe it’s all of those things rolled together. Regardless, we tend to think the south is a slice of heaven and songs like Brad Paisley’s “Heaven South” remind us that it’s true. … Read more

Maren Morris’ Live Video For “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry” Puts You In The Front Row

Maren Morris is having a fantastic week. She is on tour celebrating the massive success of her debut album “Hero”, she just got engaged to Ryan Hurd, and she just released a killer live video for her single “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry.” The video is an intimate look at the onstage and behind the scenes … Read more