Nashville’s Most-Loved Female Role Models

When people think of country music stars, they often think of cowboys – and a male-dominated or slightly sexist industry. However, today, there are many female country artists who are leading the way as the face of the industry, not only delivering fantastic music, but also serving as outstanding role models for young women. Check … Read more

[Listening Party] Country Music Mashups

mash-up or mash·up  n. 1. An audio recording that is a composite of samples from other recordings, usually from different musical styles. I love the Internet for a billion different reasons, but today I love it because somewhere out there, people are taking country music songs and mashing them together with completely different songs, creating the most … Read more

Taylor Swift Dating Who? Lyric-Worthy Prospects

It’s a well-known fact that Taylor Swift dates a lot and writes a lot of songs about said dates. There’s “Back to December” about Taylor Lautner and “Holy Ground” pays homage to the failed romance with Joe Jonas, as well as about 4 million other songs recorded on various albums and probably scribbled on notepads … Read more

7 Ways Taylor Swift’s Red Album Helped Me Examine the Complexities of Life

Background for the reader: After Beyonce’s album 4 came out, I was kind of convinced the entire thing was based off of one year or my life and she had like, listened in on my therapy sessions or something. Sometimes music really gets to you. For years I actively rode the indifference fence when it came to … Read more