Beloved ‘Glee’ Actress Jane Galloway Heitz is Dead at the Age of 78

Jane Galloway Heitz death

We have lost yet another beloved member of the Glee family. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actress Jane Galloway Heitz has passed away at the age of 78 on Nov. 13 of congestive heart failure . Most fans will recognize her from Glee, where she played the role of Lillian Adler, who was William McKinley High School’s … Read more

Just a Reminder That Taylor Swift Once Played a Murder Victim on “CSI”

Remember 2009? It was a time before everyone and their mother (and dog) had an iPhone, before Instagram was even a thought and when Taylor Swift was still an up-and-coming artist in Nashville, not the multimillion dollar pop icon we know her as today. It also marked the year that Taylor tested out her acting … Read more