Jimmy Kimmel Interviewing A Little Girl To See If She Has Been Naughty Or Nice This Year Is The Most Adorable Thing

Santa makes his list and checks it twice, but he also employs the help of his elves, Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo to find out if kids have been naughty or nice. They sat down with a little girl named Lucy to find out if she’s been good this year. The result was one of the … Read more

This Texas Rescue Dog Has A Better Smile Than I Do, And It Landed Him A Forever Home

When a little rescue dog in Texas was brought into an animal shelter to find a new home, the shelter was surprised to find that the pup was basically bound for fame. “Y’all … this smiling dog we got in at the shelter yesterday is ridiculous,” the shelter said in a post. The pup’s name … Read more

Cure For The Weekday Blues: The World Dog Surfing Championships

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Calf Born In Kerville, TX Looks Just Like KISS Frontman Gene Simmons

There has been a lot of fake news out there on social media and TV. But I’ll tell you one thing that isn’t fake news: this lil’ calf born in Kerville, TX that looks just like KISS frontman, Gene Simmons. The man himself tweeted about it. ALERT: THIS IS REAL NEWS!!! THIS IS NOT A … Read more

The Best Dogs Wait Patiently For Their Names To Be Called For Dinner

These, ladies and gentlemen, are the some of the best boys and best little ladies in the dog world. All of our dogs jump and clamor to get through gates and doors, especially when there is food on the other side. But these dogs wait calmly and patiently until their names are called. What would … Read more

5 Adorable Bunnies Eating More Vegetables Than You

Okay, so eating handfuls of kale isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun. Not a human’s anyway. You know how it is. We wheedle, we cajole, we shove vegetables into smoothies and sneak them into pasta and macaroni to give our poor bodies some form of solace. If only we could just eat the things instead … Read more