Media Trailblazer and Former “Miss America” Phyllis George Dead at the Age of 70

Phyllis George died at age 70

Former “Miss America” Phyllis George is dead at the age of 70. According to various reports, George had been diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called polycythemia vera 35 years ago, and had battled the condition ever since. “It’s a testament to her unwavering spirit and determination she made it this long, 10 years longer … Read more

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott’s Brother Is Dead at 31 Years Old

Dak Prescott mounrs the death of brother Jace Prescott

As if the world needed sadder news, now comes word that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is mourning the loss of his brother. Jace Prescott was just 31 years old. “It is with great sadness and support that we share the news of the passing of Jace Prescott today,” the Cowboys said in a statement. … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out on Backlash Over Image of Her and Former President Bush Together

Ellen DeGeneres address backlash over President George W. bush image at Cowboys game

They say a picture is a worth a thousand words. However, with the invention of the internet, a picture gets more than a thousand words these days. Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres got a lot of nasty words flung at her after the video image of her and President George W. Bush sitting next to each other … Read more

You Have to See Thomas Rhett’s Daughters Dressed Like Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

It was a big day for Thomas Rhett as he spent Thanksgiving Day playing halftime at the Los Angeles Chargers versus Dallas Cowboys Game, but his daughters may have had an even bigger day. Willa Gray and Ada James both got brand new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfits and got to spend some on the field … Read more

Thomas Rhett’s NFL Halftime Show Was Incredible And Served A Good Cause

Thomas Rhett had to work on Thanksgiving, but he wasn’t too upset about it. Rhett lit uo the stage during halftime of the Cowboy’s loss to the Los Angeles Chargers with a medley of his hits. But it was more than a great show. Rhett’s performance kicked off The Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle campaign. … Read more

The Dallas Cowboys And Team Owners Took A Knee Before The National Anthem

Before the National Anthem played on Monday Night Football, the entire Dallas Cowboys roster, coaches, and the Jerry Jones family locked arms and took a knee in the middle of University of Phoenix Stadium. When the anthem began to play, everyone rose to their feet and placed their hands over their hearts. The gesture was … Read more

Tony Romo is Living Every Athletic Dad’s Dream

We don’t get into sports much around here, but this is newsworthy. Tony Romo, a retired quarterback, was an NBA player for a day. This is the first time any retiring athlete has been honored by being invited to play another pro sport. It is a brilliant PR move for the flailing Mavericks and may … Read more

Tony Romo Announces Retirement, Reactions Abound

Quarterback Tony Romo announced his retirement from the NFL today to mixed reactions. Romo was a career Dallas Cowboy but only led the franchise to two playoff wins. Cowboys fans reacted to the news as they have always reacted to Romo– divided. Some loved him, as he was good QB, an unquestionably good guy, and … Read more

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Perform Sexy Routines to Kacey Musgraves’ Tune About Smoking Pot

Kacey Musgraves checked off a major Texas bucket list moment for herself when she appeared on “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team,” where she served as a guest judge. As a regular viewer of the show (CMT, Thursdays at 9l8c) and a huge Kacey Musgraves fan this episode definitely brought out new and interesting things … Read more

Kacey Musgraves is Kind of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Now

Kacey Musgraves is definitely her own woman– strong, progressive, smart and sassy. At times, her greatness doesn’t fit into the country music mainstream (its loss), but that doesn’t mean Kacey doesn’t have all the same bucket list dreams as most other girls. Especially girls that grew up in Texas under the shadow of that Lone … Read more

5 Things to Add to a Thanksgiving Bucket List

This Thanksgiving, do something that you’ll look back and be thankful you did – something that you can cross off your Thanksgiving bucket list. Your in-laws, parents, or grandparents will be okay without you or your family for one Thanksgiving, or, perhaps they’ll want to come along too.  Either way, here are five great ways … Read more