Thomas Rhett is Really Good or Maybe Really Bad at the Stanky Legg?

While Luke Bryan is known for shaking his hips, Thomas Rhett is known for being a little lighter on his feet. He’s been working with some big-time choreographers and pulls a lot of inspiration from Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake while on stage. Knowing all that, one has to ask– what is going on in … Read more

John Cena Took Nikki Bella’s DWTS Elimination Worse Than She Did: ‘She Gave It Her All’

During the Halloween episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” WWE star Nikki Bella was eliminated after her Jive performance with partner Artem Chigvinstev. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, John Cena admitted that he took the elimination harder than Nikki did. “I thought she handled it great…I think I handled it worse,” he said. … Read more

Jimmy Fallon and Blake Lively’s Dance Battle Introduced Us to the Riverdancing Frankenstein Move and We’ll Never Be The Same

If you attend a lot of weddings, you may know that it’s important to always have a signature dance move available. And your signature move should always have a name. Always. There is no exception to this rule. Jimmy Fallon knows this, which is why, I think, he started his Dance Battle segment on “The … Read more

Todrick Hall Says Taylor Swift is a ‘Very Natural Dancer’ and I Can’t Stop Laughing Thinking About How That’s Not True

I will start off by saying, I’m here for this Taylor Swift celebrity feud melodrama bullshit. With all the actual terrible things going on in the world today, Swift and her really old petty garbage issues with Kanye West, Katy Perry and anyone who called her a cat lady is a welcome respite at times. … Read more

Channing Tatum Started A Sexy Dance Party In A Gas Station With a Lady Named Beatrice

Channing Tatum is currently promoting his upcoming movie “Logan Lucky” with a grassroots campaign, traveling from town to town meeting real Americans, swimming in rivers, riding dirt bikes, and driving 18 wheelers. It’s the most normal you will ever see a movie star behaving. One of the highlights came when Tatum stopped in a Sunco … Read more

Lauren Alaina Invited This Guy on Stage to Dance– He Did the Robot and Stanky Legg

Lauren Alaina isn’t looking for her “Next Boyfriend” at the moment, but when she starts looking, we know a guy– Lucas Oseguera. Lauren invited Lucas on stage to do some dancing and she may have gotten more than she paid for. Not only was Lucas wearing a shirt with her face on it, he was … Read more

This Video of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Dancing is A Lot

If you’ve never seen Blake Shelton dance you’re really missing out. He kind of does this little point-and-bob move or maybe a Moonwalk. He’s got the effort, just not the moves. As evidenced in Gwen Stefani’s most recent Instagram video. There’s just not much to say.   View this post on Instagram @blakeshelton gx❤️ A … Read more

The Best Performances From Last Night’s “World Of Dance”

Last night’s performances on “World of Dance” had it’s fair share of surprises and upsets. We have seen the last of Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions and Keone & Mari’s personal performance gave them one of the highest scores of the night. All of the dances were impressive, but for us, there were four … Read more

“World Of Dad Dance” Highlights The Majesty Of Dads Dancing (And WOW)

There are a couple of universally accepted Dad truths: they snore, they have a designated chair in the living room, and they love embarrassing their kids. The unspoken Dad-law is that fathers of teenagers cannot dance. Well, to be fair, they can “dance” but it’s like a penguin trying to fly –lots of fast walking … Read more

Charlize Theron’s Dance Battle With Jimmy Fallon was Wildly Entertaining

Jimmy Fallon is really onto something with his Dance Battle segment. The real star of the segment is rarely Fallon or his challenger, it’s usually the Dance Move Generator. The Generator brought us the Mom Tries Hip-Hop, The Elliptical and Washing Machine on Spin Cycle. Fallon’s latest challenger was Charlize Theron, Oscar winner and icon. … Read more

Let’s Talk About Faith Hill and These Dance Moves

A few months ago, Faith Hill went to a Beyonce show. Two shows actually. After announcing that she’d be returning to the stage with husband Tim McGraw on their Soul2Soul Tour, Faith shared that Beyonce inspired her to take dance lessons, “Did it inspire me? My gosh, yes. It inspired me to do many things, … Read more