“American Idol” Contestant Tried to Teach Luke Bryan a New Signature Dance Move and It Didn’t End Well

When it comes to contestants on “American Idol,” most are there to hone their craft and seek advice from judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. However, a few hopeful Idols do have unique enough skill sets to impart some new learning to the established judges. Brielle Rathbun is an 18-year-old choreographer from Johnson … Read more

“American Idol” Contestant Asked the Judges to Dance With Her and All Hell Broke Loose

Michelle Sussett knows that “American Idol” auditions only come around once in a lifetime, so she didn’t hold back one ounce of would-be entertainment when it was her time to shine. Sussett, who moved to Miami 3 years ago from Venezuela, sang Selena’s “Techno Cumbia,” but doing about 30 seconds of the tune, she turned on … Read more

Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. Perfected the Final Scene from “Dirty Dancing” and It Was Amazing

Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl champion, but he still hasn’t figured out the perfect touchdown celebration dance. Until now. Throughout Super Bowl 52, Manning was shown with his teammates thinking of new and improved ways to celebrate scoring. Manning discussed Patty Cake with his crew and a thumb war bracket system before finally … Read more

Luke Bryan Says He Saves the Hip Thrusts for Stadiums, Because In an Intimate Setting the Thrusts Could Send Shock Waves

Luke Bryan has become known for his super sexy dance moves, especially his hip thrusts, but did you know he only performs those moves when in an arena or stadium large enough to handle their impact? “Stadiums, I have to accentuate the hip thrusting. I don’t want to hip thrust too much in an intimate … Read more

Jordan Fisher Crowned Season 25 Champion of “Dancing With the Stars” in Dramatic Fashion

Season 25 of “Dancing With the Stars” has come to a close and the results were only somewhat surprising. The final three– Jordan Fisher, Lindsey Stirling, and Frankie Muniz went to head-to-head in dramatic reality TV fashion complete with sequins, rhinestones and more sequins. The finale consisted of each of the three finalists dancing a … Read more

This Video of Kellie Pickler Dancing in a Hallway is Real Sight to See

It’s official– Kellie Pickler is Nashville’s newest triple-threat entertainer. She’s been singing and acting for a while, but now– she’s a dancer too. Like, a real dancer. Kellie participated in a dance-off with her co-host Ben in the hallway of the studio where they shoot “Pickler & Ben” and she brought some moves to the … Read more

Channing Tatum Trained James Corden to Dance for Magic Mike Live and We Literally Cannot Even At All

Have you watched James Corden sing karaoke in a car with someone super famous and thought– Channing Tatum could totally make him a part of his Magic Mike Live crew? Don’t answer that, because Tatum did. Corden met with Tatum and couple of dancers to train for a live show in Las Vegas. It was … Read more

Derek Hough Almost Missed His Sister’s Wedding Reception

Julianne Hough got married last month in a gorgeous outdoor wedding but she almost was left without a reception. As Julianne sped to the reception in a boat, the entire wedding party piled onto a bus and ended up stuck in a ditch in the Idaho backcountry. It was almost a disaster. What terrible irony … Read more

Middle-Aged Couple Attempts The “Dirty Dancing” Lift, Both End Up Hospitalized

Andy and Sharon were recently engaged and decided to celebrate the moment by attempting an iconic scene from one of their favorite movies, “Dirty Dancing.” With no practice, no prep, Sharon charged Andy and leapt into the air. The next thing she knew, both were in an ambulance. Whoops. The happy couple was going for … Read more

Faith Hill’s Hips Don’t Lie; She Can Really Shake It

Wowza, Faith Hill! I was innocently scrolling through my Instagram feed when I cam across this video posted by Mrs. Tim McGraw. The songstress, who is currently on tour with her husband, can really move! Perhaps if you’ve attended a stop on the Soul 2 Soul tour, you’re already aware. I think these moves would … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel’s Dance Recital Story Is Way Too Relatable (And Hilarious)

What parent of a daughter does not have a dance recital story? Who among us has not endured hours of dance classes for the single hope of taking a picture of our little girl in a tutu? Which one of us, like Jimmy Kimmel, has been informed by our daughter right before her dance recital, … Read more