Heidi Klum Playing “Speak Out” Is Both Hilarious and Terrifying

Take a break from whatever you are doing to watch Heidi Klum play Speak Out. It is one of Ellen’s favorite games for good reasonL: not only does it give us a clear view of celebrity dental hygiene, but it also creates a lot of hilarious situations. All Heidi wants to do is tell Ellen … Read more

Kellie Pickler And Ben Aaron Look To Bring Country Living To Daytime TV With “Pickler & Ben”

There are plenty of daytime TV shows you can watch to get your daily entertainment and information but there is nothing quite like “Pickler & Ben” an upcoming show produced by Faith Hill and starring Kellie Pickler. The show seeks to be your source of design, life hacks, and inspiration every day. Starting September 18, … Read more

Judge Judy Literally Copied A Scene Out of “Air Bud” To Resolve A Case

Judge Judy, Queen of the court, putter of people in their places, argument haver, pulled something that has only been seen in children’s movies. There was a dispute in her court over who owned a dog. So, instead of checking social media pictures, veterinary documents, or asking the owners questions, she put the dog in … Read more

The Couple Who Flirted On Tinder For 3 Years Enjoyed Hawaii And “Hopes To Cross Paths Again” (That Doesn’t Sound Good)

Kent State students and Tinder super-couple Josh Avsec, 22, and Michelle Arendas, 21 finally made it to Hawaii but it wasn’t the fairytale trip some imagined. Good Morning America tagged along with the pair, recording their conversations and setting up interviews along the way. Not my idea of a romantic getaway. Even so, they seem … Read more

Terrified Contestants Play “Make It Rain” On “Ellen” And Get Soaked

What are you more afraid of: getting wet on national TV or winning $10,000? The idea of either happening obviously chilled two contestants to the core on “The Ellen Show.” Sure, they wanted to win, but it mostly looked like they were trying their hardest to do nothing. And that, dear reader, made the game … Read more

Brett Eldredge Performs “Somethin’ I’m Good At” On “The Ellen Show”

Country music is everywhere this week. Next thing you know Blake Shelton is going to pop out of your box of Cheerio’s to talk about a nice day he had with Gwen Stefani. Yesterday, I could have sworn Brett Eldredge was bar hopping in Nashville. This morning, I woke up and he’s performing his hit … Read more

Brett Eldredge Goes Bar-Hopping And Talks About His Dog With The “Today Show”

The question that we all would love to ask Brett Eldredge is not about his seven consecutive #1 songs. It is not about his one true love, his dog Edgar. The real question we are dying to ask him is, “What bars do you like in Nashville?” Thankfully, the “Today Show” has us covered and … Read more

The “Today Show” Offers Up 4 Alternative Uses For Beer That Should Never Be Tried Because Beer is For Drinking

“The Today Show” is a daily, 4-hour show made up of innumerable bite-sized segments. Admittedly, finding something new or interesting to say every day outside of the news and weather is difficult. You can only come up with so many cleaning hacks and life tips before deciding “4 Surprising Uses For Beer Other Than Drinking” … Read more