[Watch] Lennon Stella of “Nashville” Releases Introspective Single “Like Everybody Else”

Lennon Stella video still

Lennon Stella grew up in front of a television audience playing Maddie Conrad on the weekly TV drama “Nashville” and now fans can hear the actress’ debut single. Lennon recently released the acoustic take to her introspective song “Like Everybody Else” and its accompanying music video brings the song’s vulnerable lyrics to life. Seated at a … Read more

Connie Britton’s Rayna Jaymes Returns in “Nashville” Series Finale

Nashville Finale Rayna Jaymes Deacon Claybourne

When the series finale of “Nashville” aired on Thursday night (July 26), viewers were wondering if Connie Britton would return as her beloved character Rayna Jaymes. Well they got their answer when the former star of the show appeared in the final moments of the show. Connie starred in the show as Rayna for 5 … Read more

“Nashville” Series Announces Series Finale Date on July 26

Just as “Nashville” wrapped the first half of their final season Thursday night (Feb. 22), the one-hour drama is announcing that it’s final episode will air on July 26, giving us eight episodes to look forward to. The show ended with some plot twists and turns, leaving fans wanting more. No worries though, the second … Read more

“Nashville” Season 6 Premiere: Juliette Barnes is Definitely Going to Join a Cult

We pick up the sixth and final season of “Nashville, where we left off– Rayna, unfortunately, is still very much dead and she seems to have moved to Los Angeles, where she’s working as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Definitely not the path most country music singers take after the music fades, but whatever makes Rayna happy … Read more

Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne) Wants to Make Sure the Crew of “Nashville” Gets Recognized for Their Work

Nashville” received the Tex Ritter Film Award during the 11th Annual ACM Honors in Nashville and Charles Esten was on-hand to pay tribute to show and accept the award on behalf of the cast and crew.

Before heading into the ceremony, Esten shared, “This is not just the cast, this is the crew, this is every single person. It’s an army that makes this show and makes it good… that’s who I want to lift up at this moment, because they make it great.”

The Tex Ritter Award recognizes an outstanding television movie, series or feature film released during the preceding calendar year which prominently features country music.

Now in its fifth season, “Nashville” continues to tell Music Row’s stories to a world-wide audience. Airing domestically on CMT and Hulu, the hour-long drama is seen in 225 territories around the globe. Main characters Deacon Clayborne, Will Lexington, Avery Barkley, Gunnar Scott and Scarlett O’Connor have made real-life music stars out of actors Charles Esten, Chris Carmack, Jonathan Jackson, Sam Palladio and Claire Bowen. The cast has released 17 soundtrack albums on Big Machine Records and has toured regularly, playing to sold-out crowds in both the United States and abroad. The show has been credited as part of the recent tourism boom in the city of Nashville, which has seen an amazing increase in visitors over the past five years.

Rachel Bilson is Ready to Move from “The O.C.” to “Nashville” (And She Thinks RocketDog Flip-Flops Should Stay in the Early 2000s)

After the death of Queen Rayna on “Nashville,” Deacon Claybourne and Silicon Valley techie Zach Welles have been in desperate need of help at Highway 65 Records. Since Zach is a brilliant billionaire, he brilliantly decided to bring in Summer Roberts from “The O.C.” to rejoin her old pal Luke down South. Except, her real … Read more

The Hilarious CMT Awards Opening Skit Still Has Us Laughing

The basic formula for a reality show is to throw a bunch of random people into a house and watch what happens. The CMTs did just that for their opening skit starring host Charles Esten, but filled an AirCMT (like Airbnb, but different) with a bunch of country’s biggest stars. The stars both play up … Read more

“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 12: Rayna is Really Dead, Scarlett Needs a Baby Daddy and Daphne Might Repeat 7th Grade

Rayna James has officially left the building, er, city of “Nashville” and right now, more than just Daphne is missing her presence. 39 Thoughts on “Nashville” Season 5, Episode 12: Juliette’s gospel album release party did not go well. Avery wants Emily to find at least one good review, but the results are in– Juliette … Read more

HOLY COW: Rayna James Deserved a Much Better Ending Than That on “Nashville”

There are no words. No sun in the sky. No good in the world. Rayna James has been killed in a tragic car accident. The biggest country music star on “Nashville” is no longer alive and a part of me has died with her. First and foremost, Connie Britton is one of the greatest character … Read more

“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 8: Rayna Bargains with Her Stalker and Juliette is Becoming a Biblical Scholar

Last week, Juliette didn’t exist. Scarlett felt something for the guy. But, this week, Juliette is back and she’s not only in church, she’s in a Bible study! Maddie is getting bolder and bolder, too. “Nashville” Season 5, Episode 8: Rayna Bargains with Her Stalker and Juliette is Becoming a Biblical Scholar”: Daphne made bacon … Read more

“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 7: Maddie Explains, Rayna and Deacon Write a Song, Juliette Got Lost on the Way Home From Church

Once again, an entire episode of “Nashville” has aired and entire plotlines and characters have disappeared. Juliette and Avery must have gotten lost on the way home from church and Will is on tour, maybe? Did Rayna buy Luke Wheeler’s record label? So many questions. “Nashville” Season 5, Episode 7: Maddie Explains, Rayna and Deacon … Read more

42 Thoughts on Nashville Season 5, Episode 2

Season 5 of “Nashville” is only two episodes in and I’m already asking myself a lot of questions— does Teddy still exist? Is Cash in prison? Do I have to forget about those people? What happened to that bar Deacon owned? Maybe those things don’t matter in the long run. But, still. 42 Thoughts on … Read more