Mitchell Lee Beats Out Dennis Drummond During the Most Interesting and Tough Battle Ever for #TeamBlake During “The Voice”

If we’re all honest with ourselves for just a second, it’s not very often that the Battle Rounds of “The Voice” deliver that much complexity. Usually, the two singers are easy to pick between, no matter how hard the coach tries to tell viewers that the decision is tough. Blake Shelton wasn’t lying when he … Read more

Adam Wakefield’s Guitarist Dennis Drummond Wows Blake Shelton on “The Voice”

The backstories on this season of “The Voice” are so music-industry oriented it’s hard to believe some of these people need to be on the show. Regardless, there are some pretty talented people coming through the auditions, including Mr. Dennis Drummond. Not only is Drummond taller than Blake Shelton (yes, taller), he currently lives in … Read more