This Red White And Blue Star Tart Will Make You A Hero

So you’ve got a last minute 4th of July party but nothing to bring to it. Pies are overdone, cakes too sweet, and everyone’s already bringing something for the BBQ part of the potluck. What’s a party guest to do? Make this lightly sweet, delicious, and somewhat nutritious tart, of course. With a star in … Read more

Love Twix Bars? You Might Never Eat Them Again

Because you’ll be eating this Twix Cake. Seriously. It’s so simple you don’t have to bake anything at all. Find a frozen pound cake, some caramels, chocolate, and a fridge, and you’re good to go. We’re addicted to the no bake idea, since who doesn’t love sweets that you don’t have to cook? This Twix … Read more

This Summer Berry Cheesecake Salad Recipe Is Our Favorite New Trend

We know. Cheesecake and salad don’t exactly go together. But they should. That’s why we’re freaking out over this new cheesecake salad recipe. Put together with just 5 ingredients, cheesecake filling holds together your favorite kind of berries to create the fruit salad you’ve always wished for. The really crazy part? It uses coffee creamer. … Read more

This Incredible Raindrop Cake Will Change Your Dessert Life Forever

We’ve seen some weird desserts in our day, from chocolate cookie shots to dirt pie gardens. But this dessert is something else entirely. Resembling a water droplet from a Pixar movie, this strawberry raindrop cake is sure to be the life of your next dessert table. Simple to make, relatively healthy, fun to play with, … Read more

5 Donuts We Wish We Could Eat On National Donut Day

America recognizes its potential to combine sugar, deep frying, and carbs once again with National Donut Day. Here are some of our favorite donuts of the day. 1. PB Get Bizzy and Slimm Shady Created by a WakeNBake Donuts in Carolina Beach, these unique donuts are sure to satisfy any chocolate lover on this special … Read more

Milk and Cookie Shots are the Treats No One Needs, But Everyone Wants

Growing up, one of my favorite food combinations of all time was a stack of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and an ice cold glass of milk. Even now, there’s just something about that particular combination that tastes, smells and feels like home. Inspired by the classic combination, cronut-creator and baker Dominique Ansel created America’s latest … Read more

Stupidly Delicious (and Super Easy) Apple Pie Bake Recipe

What’s better than sweet cinnamon and sugar, melted butter, soft apples and cinnamon rolls? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Bursting the familiar flavor of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, the sweetness of brown sugar and the tartness of granny smith apples, this apple pie bake is straight out of the very best of our dessert dreams, And … Read more

Dirt Pie Garden: the Perfect Dessert to Make with Your Kids

We’ve all been making Oreo dirt pies since we were, like, three years old, but after creating the delicious and adorable dessert in tiny terra cotta pots for years now, don’t you think it’s time to take it up a notch? Incorporating all the sweet treats we love, like Oreos, pudding, strawberries and gummy worms, … Read more