Brett Eldredge’s Workout Plan Includes Dog Edgar

Brett Eldredge workout regime

Brett Eldredge is gearing up for the second leg of his The Long Way Tour this fall. The trek kicks off Sept. 13 and in a recent interview with GQ, the country singer shares how he stays fit while on the road. Brett says he burns around 500 calories an hour while on stage every … Read more

5 Adorable Bunnies Eating More Vegetables Than You

Okay, so eating handfuls of kale isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun. Not a human’s anyway. You know how it is. We wheedle, we cajole, we shove vegetables into smoothies and sneak them into pasta and macaroni to give our poor bodies some form of solace. If only we could just eat the things instead … Read more

9 Habits of Naturally Skinny People

We all know how hard dieting is. From counting calories, to worrying about every little slip, it feels like you might have a panic attack every time food is mentioned. And chocolate. Sweet, sweet, chocolate. We’ll just have one bite. Dieting has come to represent suffering, frustration, and ultimately– failure. It’s easy be envious of … Read more

8 of the Best (and Worst) Beverages to Drink While Dieting

Can you still drink a beer and lose weight? The answer is a little iffy. While alcohol adds extra calories and isn’t recommended for weight loss, you can squeeze the occasional drink into your diet plan. Make smart choices and stick to one or two beverages. Here are 8 of the Best and Worst Beverages … Read more