Clark Manson’s “Track 9” Will Take You Back

Clark Manson, country music’s newest young heartthrob, grew up hoping to be just like George Strait and with his wholesome, All-American good looks and innate ability to turn words into catchy hooks– he’s well on his way. Manson tells us, “When I was 5-years-old, my parents surprised me and took me to see George Strait … Read more

The (Other) Country Music Song Everyone is Talking About

If you pay attention to country music at all, you know all about the “controversy” surrounding Little Big Town‘s latest single, “Girl Crush,” but do you know about Chris Janson and his desire to buy a boat? Janson’s “Buy Me a Boat” exploded onto Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart after a few spins on the “Bobby … Read more

Get to Know: Striking Matches

There’s nothing quite like the sizzling ferocity of Striking Matches. On their just-released debut LP Nothing But the Silence (produced by T Bone Burnett), the duo—comprised of Sarah Zimmerman and Justin Davis—bring the high-octane energy and vocal prowess of their live shows straight to record. For the past several years (or so), this budding band … Read more

Discovery of the Week: Cam

Just taking a wild guess here, but it’s likely you’re about to hear a lot more California on country radio soon. Cam, the Californian-born, moved to Nashville as soon as she could, singer-songwriter is ready to make a splash with her debut single, “My Mistake.” On her debut EP, Welcome to Cam Country, she co-wrote … Read more

Get to Know: Aaron Parker

Aaron Parker is a guy’s guy, a real country music fan, a serious songwriter and one of the most talked about voices in Nashville today. Growing up in Alabama, Parker got his start in the church choir. Actually, he was more of a solo artist. His mother played the piano for the small congregation and … Read more

Discovery of the Week: Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee has been in the recording studio for decades. At the age of 6, he stepped into a recording studio for the first time to cut songs with famed country musician and producer, Carson Chamberlain, and now, both are hard at work on Lee’s debut album for Broken Bow Records. Lee is currently rocking … Read more

Discovery of the Week: Josh Dorr

Josh Dorr isn’t new to Nashville. In fact, he’s been in town since 2010 and after spending a year interning with Show Dog-Universal he started performing and participating in songwriter sessions with the likes of the Brothers Osbourne, Kacey Musgraves and Kree Harrison. The Wyoming native grew up pursuing football and even played in college … Read more

Discovery of the Week: Jenny Lewis

I’m just discovering Jenny Lewis? Kind of. Hear me out. Jenny Lewis has been around forever. You may recognize her from her various childhood acting roles. She starred in “Troop Beverly Hills” and “Pleasantville” as well as made-for-TV movies like “My Father, My Son” and “Runaway Father.”  If those don’t ring a bell, you could recognize her … Read more