9 Movies/Series/Documentaries Currently on Netflix That Every Country Fan Should See

Dolly Jana Trace Netflix Movies

How many times have you been searching Netflix for something to watch, or asking friends what the recommend for your next binge-watching session? Well, look no further. One Country is sharing some of are favorite country themed shows, movies or documentaries we think every country fan will love.  From Jana Kramer’s “Heart of the Country” … Read more

6 Country Music Documentaries You Should Watch

If we’re being honest, there just aren’t enough documentaries out there about country music, but there are a few that are definitely worth watching. 6. ​”I’ll Be Me”​ “I’ll Be Me” is the story of Glen Campbell’s heartbreaking last 151 shows across America, after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Instead of retreating he went … Read more

New Heath Ledger Documentary Explores the Late Actor’s Life Through His Own Home Videos

A new documentary about Heath Ledger looks at the late actor’s life through his own home videos. Ledger, whose known for his roles in “10 Things I Hate About You,” “Brokeback Mountain” and “The Dark Knight” that earned him a posthumous Oscar, died in 2008 as the result of accidental intoxication from prescription drugs. He … Read more

10 Best Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now

I’m convinced we are living in the golden-age of documentary filmmaking. Never before has it been easier to acquire the necessary equipment, and never before has there been so many potential places to stream films to wide audiences. And it’s great. Sometimes re-watching “The Office” for the 14th time isn’t going to cut it. If … Read more