Watch Ted Cruz Tell Kimmel He’s Tempted to Run Donald Trump Over With His Car

Presidential hopeful and Texas Senator Ted Cruz stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night to talk all things politics, “Star Wars,” and, of course, Donald Trump. When asked who he likes more between President Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Cruz said, “I dislike Obama’s policies more. But Donald is a unique individual.” Referencing a comedic … Read more

50 Things Donald Trump Definitely, Without a Doubt Loves

Politics aside, one of the most interesting things about Donald Trump’s campaign for President of the United States is his rhetoric. It usually seems like he’s running for president of the 8th grade versus President of the United States when he really gets going. Recently, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” put together a list of each and … Read more

Guy Wins Free Concert Tickets for a Year After Getting a Donald Trump Tattoo on His Back

A radio show in Phoenix just took free concert tickets and the already chaotic Presidential election to a whole new level of insane. The Ben and Matt show wanted to put something out there to Donald Trump supporters– would you get Donald Trump’s face tattooed on your back if it meant winning free tickets to … Read more

2016 Celebrity Endorsements for President of the United States

The other day while watching a new episode of the Netflix series, “House of Cards,” fictional President of the United States uttered some scary words, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but politics is no longer just theater. It’s show business.” Oh, we’ve noticed, Mr. President, we’ve noticed. As the race for the White House … Read more

Definitive List of Donald Trump’s “Friends”

Politics aside, one of the most interesting things about Donald Trump’s campaign for President of the United States is how he talks about other people. When asked about a rival’s plans or policies, he usually just says if he thinks someone is nice or mean. If Trump is ever asked to clarify a statement he … Read more

8 GIFs Explaining the Most Interesting Republican Debate Yet

The most recent installment of the Republican Debate was one for the ages, especially if you are between the ages of say 11 and 14. No matter who you are voting for or not voting for, this debate, which featured two United States Senators, the Governor of Ohio and a billionaire, featured arguments about hand … Read more

“Fuller House” Cast Gives Donald Trump (Jimmy Fallon) a Pep Talk

“Full House” was best known for one thing — their soul-searching, tear-jerking, inspirational heart-to-hearts. In nearly every episode, there came a moment when Danny Tanner would sit down with D.J., Stephanie or Michelle (and sometimes even Uncle Jesse or Joey), the slow, meaningful music would come on and they would talk about life’s problems. More … Read more

Johnny Depp Stars in the Funniest (and Weirdest) Donald Trump Biopic You’ll Ever See

So, we need to talk about something. Funny or Die, the Emmy-winning comedy video website and TV/film production company founded by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, has made a Donald Trump biopic and it stars Oscar-nominated actor Johnny Depp… as Trump. What is happening? Donald Trump made a 1988 TV movie based on his book ‘The … Read more

Tina Fey is Back as Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live,” America Feels Great Again

Throughout Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign he has promised to “make America great again” and he’s finally owned up to that in one way– he got Tina Fey back in the greatest role she’s ever played, Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live.” Last week, Trump warmly welcomed Palin to his podium for an endorsement. Fey didn’t … Read more

Kenny Rogers Really Likes Donald Trump, Thinks He Could Phrase Things Better

Maybe Kenny Rogers is trying to get on Donald Trump‘s speech writing team? During a recent interview with The Guardian, Rogers answered a series of questions about his career, his highs and lows and even that guy running for president, Donald Trump. Rogers told the outlet he really likes The Donald, but he could also … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Wrote a Children’s Book For/About Donald Trump

After a fairly lengthy conversation about what a “great guy” Tom Brady is, how “great” all the “Star Wars” movies are and how rich Donald Trump is, Jimmy Kimmel told the Donald that he too would like to make a trillion dollars someday, so he wrote a book and put Donald’s name on it. The … Read more

Brett Eldredge Did a Donald Trump Impression and Nailed It

Brett Eldredge has proven to us time and time again that he’s a funny guy. His Instagram is funny, his interviews are funny and he’s obsessed with wigs, which is, you guessed it– funny. Recently he did an impression of Donald Trump that might take the cake for ‘funniest thing Brett Eldredge has ever done.’ Workin … Read more