9 Types of Dresses You’ll See In Church on Easter Sunday

It’s almost Easter, so you know what that means. Errrbody gonna go to church to celebrate. It’s a big day, so we’ve all got to get to church and dress for the occasion. However, depending on your own personal style, church, and traditions, you may see all types of outfits on Easter Sunday. 9 Types … Read more

Excuse Me While I Roast This $450 Colonial Dress

Hello friends, it’s me, your resident fashion-illiterate commentator. As I have demonstrated before, I have no experience within the high-fashion world and no desire to understand the pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo behind the obviously wacky and wild choices made within that industry. Today, I turn my attention to a $450 “Pilgrim Dress” that is being roasted across … Read more

3 Reason You Should Be a Girl Who Wears Ankle Boots With Dresses

Besides it being the hottest trend in summer fashion, there are 3 reasons you should be a girl who wears those super cool ankle boots with dresses. 1. They make a short dress even more adorable! It’s also a great way to dress down your look making it more causal.   Love this shot of the dark … Read more