Applebee’s is Offering a Spooky $1 Cocktail This Month in Honor of Halloween

If you were looking for a good reason to visit your local Applebee’s, look no further! The restaurant chain just announced that, for the entire month of October, you can get a “Dollar Zombie” for, you guessed it, $1. According to Applebee’s, the 10-oz drink includes rum, pineapple, passion fruit, cherry and lime— oh, and a … Read more

Homemade Butter Beer That Will Make You Feel Like A Wizard

For Harry Potter fans, the idea of sitting in the Leaky Cauldron sipping a Butter Beer is a dream. But now you can bring the fun home, whether you are watching the movies or reading the books with your kids. Just because you didn’t get an owl from Hogwarts doesn’t mean you can’t drink like a … Read more

The Perfect Punch Bowl For A Grownup Dinner Party

Punch seems like something you would have at lame high school dances or baby showers, but it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can make a fantastic punch that doesn’t need to be spiked to make it interesting. This is the kind of drink your friends will ask you to bring to parties. … Read more

How To Make Sparkling Rosé Margarita Cocktails That Are Dangerously Good

I don’t know what it is about these warm days, but I can’t help but crave an ice-cold fruity cocktail– and this one has my name written all over it! Whip it up for laying out by the pool or for a late-night treat and enjoy! Ingredients:  10 oz. tequila 5 oz. fresh lime juice 4 … Read more

Bud Light Gets Juicy With Two New Flavors Of Beer

Bud Light is getting fruity just in time for summer. The brewery announced the arrival of two new bottled beers: Bud Light Orange and Bud Light Lime. The respective circuits beers are brewed with citrus peels and do not include any imitation flavors. Budweiser’s line of Beer-Rita’s was an incredible success. “Our millennial consumers are eager to … Read more

How To Make Easy Cinnamon Roll Fireball Shots That Are Dangerously Good

Oh, Fireball. Some of my best (and worst) stories start with Fireball Whisky— and these cinnamon roll Fireball shots are sure to get your party started! How To Make Easy Cinnamon Roll Fireball Shots:   Ingredients: 4 oz. Fireball whisky 12 oz. cream soda Whipped cream (for garnish) Cinnamon (for garnish) Directions: Mix Fireball and … Read more

The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee Recipe

Ree Drummond doesn’t just know food, she knows beverages, too! Well, at least the most important one: coffee. This recipe is super easy to make and can serve a large group of people– cut the recipe in half if you’re just making enough for you for a week! Ree Drummond’s Perfect Iced Coffee Recipe: Ingredients: … Read more

Starbucks Has a New Drink Collection Coming in 2018 and It Sounds Delicious

To be honest, I tend to not get that excited about new Starbucks drinks because they can be kind of out there– like the Zombie Frappuccino. According to a statement from Starbucks, the company is releasing 3 all-new beverages in the new year: the Black and White Mocha, Black and White Hot Cocoa and Black … Read more

How To Make Hot Buttered Rum That Will Warm You Up on Chilly Nights

If you’ve never had hot buttered rum, you’re missing out! The hardest part of making hot buttered rum is making the “batter.” Few people know that you have to make the batter for hot buttered rum separately, and then you freeze it. When you’re ready to serve up some drinks, you take some of the … Read more

There Is Nothing Better Than Southern Grandparents Drinking Moonshine

You could have your grandparents try all of the newfangled technology in the world and get the same reactions. But if you really want to have fun, give them something that used to be illegal, something that doesn’t taste good but is associated with a lot of great stories. You got to give ’em moonshine. … Read more

It’s Time You Tried Calimocho, The Redneck Sangria From Spain

Calimocho, also known as the poor man’s sangria, is a Basque beverage, rooted in the Northeast of Spain along the French border. I might even call it redneck sangria. It is simple, cheap, and astonishingly refreshing. There’s no room for being uppity with Calimocho–no vintage wines or fancy herbal mixes. Go get a bottle of … Read more