10 Times Dierks Bentley Felt the Need To Submerge Himself in Freezing Cold Water

DIerks Bentley plunges into cold water

With the Summer weather taking over most of the country, there is only one way to cool off. By watching Dierks Bentley take a plunge into freezing cold water during the cold winter months.  Dierks has been doing his annual polar plunge/lake jump for years.The “Drunk on a Plane” singer kicks off every year by … Read more

11 Reasons Dierks Bentley Was Wrong About Getting Drunk on a Plane

Sounds like a great plan right? You’ve got nothing better to do for the next few hours and after the stress of getting through airport airport security, having a drink (or four!) on the plane sounds like a great stress reliever. Wrong. Yes, we know Dierks Bentley sings about getting “Drunk on a Plane” but for the … Read more

Bake and Listen: Dierks Bentley

The idea of boozy cupcakes really appeals to me. (Let’s face it. The idea of boozy anything makes my heart beat a little faster). So when I was listening to Dierks Bentley’s newest song, “Drunk on a Plane,” I instantly knew what I wanted to bake in celebration of that release. Cupcakes with liquor in … Read more