Faith Hill Urges You to Vote with When We All Vote Campaign

Faith Hill performance

Faith Hill is doing everything she can to urge people to vote. The country singer has partnered with When We All Vote, a nonpartisan not-for-profit group that stresses the importance of Americans registering to vote and to take part in voting when elections come. “When we all vote we make a difference,” Faith, a co-chair … Read more

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Honestly, Truly Could Be Running For President 2020

One of the first serious steps in running for President is forming a political committee with the Federal Election Committee. According to the FEC’s website, The Rock just did. Reporter Dave Leventhal spotted Run The Rock 2020 on the FEC’s website, showing that the action star is more closely eyeing a Presidential bid. Johnson has … Read more

Maddie Marlow Calls Out Bullies in Social Media Post About the Presidential Election

Maddie & Tae‘s Maddie Marlow is fed up. She posted a timely and relevant rant on social media about the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election. “I’ve probably unfriended about 50 people I actually liked as human beings in the past couple of weeks because of the election,” she begins. “Did you know that everyone … Read more

Ellen Shares Video of Hillary Clinton and Ken Bone Dancing During the Second Presidential Debate and It Kind of Made the Thing Seem Way Less Bad (Kind Of)

If you watched the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, you were probably left thinking, “What just happened?” I mean, the whole thing was totally weird — but, as it turns out, I (and you) missed the most important part. Apparently, on the sidelines of the debate, Hillary and Ken Bone (you … Read more

Meghan Linsey Shares Story of Sexual Assault After Donald Trump’s Latest Remarks Surfaced

Before snagging the runner-up trophy on season 8 of “The Voice,” country music artist Meghan Linsey was already somewhat of a Nashville veteran. In 2009 (6 years before her “Voice” victory), the 30-year-old singer won CMT’s “Can You Duet?” alongside fellow-musician and then-fiancé Joshua Scott Jones, giving people a taste of her incredible talent. But, … Read more

11 Best “SNL” Political Impersonations of All Time

The best part about any election year, in my opinion at least, is when we, as a nation, come together to collectively make fun of our political leaders. For the last four decades, “Saturday Night Live” has given us countless hilarious moments that have almost become more memorable than the actual candidates. How easy it … Read more

6 Times the Vice Presidential Debate Was So Polite We Fell Asleep

The first and only Vice Presidential debate was one for the ages, if you’re of the age of falling asleep in front of the TV while watching two smart, polite men argue without raising their voices. 6 Times the Vice Presidential was So Polite We Fell Asleep: 1. The time Senator Tim Kaine thoughtfully discussed … Read more