Channing Tatum Totally (TOTALLY) Freaks Out Over Meeting Simone Biles

Stars! They’re just like us. Olympians? Not so much. To prove just how normal Hollywood A-listers are, Channing Tatum hit up the “Ellen Show,” where he tried to explain to Ellen several times that he was going to “geek out” over meeting Simone Biles. When Ellen tried to explain Simone would freak out more, Channing … Read more

Kelly Clarkson and Bonnie Raitt Played ‘Game of Things’ with Ellen DeGeneres and It Was Hilarious

Ellen DeGeneres loves a good game at night, so she decided to bring game night to daytime during an episode of “The Ellen Show.” Ellen invited Kelly Clarkson, Bonnie Raitt and Zoey Deschanel to play the legendary game of Things. Ellen gave the ladies a category and then they had to text an answer to … Read more

Blake Shelton Performs “She’s Got A Way With Words” (That New One Everyone is Making A Lot of Assumptions About)

Blake Shelton’s If I’m Honest album is one of his best ever and will likely be talked about for quite a while. One of the songs critics and fans are having a field day with is “She’s Got A Way With Words.” Without listening to the words and just focusing on the music, one would … Read more

21 Things Kanye West Ranted About to Ellen

Okay, by now, we’re all used to rapper, clothing designer, father, 2020 presidential candidate Kanye West‘s insane rants. And, for the most part, we can predict, subject by subject, what they’re going to be about — Taylor Swift, changing the world, Mark Zuckerburg, Twitter. But, in the 38-year-old artist’s most recent rant on “The Ellen … Read more

Keith Urban Reading from Urban Dictionary is Internet Gold

For people trying to keep up with what all the kids are saying these days, is a very helpful resource. It’s also very scary and can open one’s eyes to too much at times. Keith Urban took his Australian accent to “The Ellen Show” and the Internet and read a few definitions for us. … Read more

Mini-Presidential Historian and Her President Bush Ventriloquist Doll Meet President George W. Bush

Ellen DeGeneres recently sent her presidential historian Macey to meet President George W. Bush– a dream come true for any history buff, no more your political views. Before we saw her trip to Dallas, Macey told Ellen all about her meeting President Barack Obama, which she described as “amazing.” Mainly because “all the other Presidents … Read more

Jessica Biel Confirms Second Pregnancy, Justin Timberlake Says It’s Not True, Ellen is Working on Her Yoga

Jessica Biel, wife to super hunky and super talented Justin Timberlake, took to the “Ellen Show” to discuss all things JT, their son Silas and her pregnancy. Biel confirmed with Ellen that yes, she’s expecting twins! Wait, twins? Really? No. Biel went on to explain that everyone– strangers, people online and more are always assuming … Read more

Charles Kelley Performs for Ellen and Looked Good While Doing It

Charles Kelley met up Ellen DeGeneres and her audience to perform “Lonely Girl” from his debut solo album, The Driver on a recent episode and it’s like he’s being doing this for years. Hard to believe this is his debut album, right? Ellen was in on the joke too, when she introduced Charles by saying, … Read more

Ellen and Adele Pranked Some Workers At Jamba Juice and We Have Never Laughed Harder

Ellen DeGeneres recently sent everyone’s favorite global superstar, Adele, to a Jamba Juice in LA for a little undercover funny business. First, Adele just needs to know what Jamba Juice is all about. Then, she tells the young workers that, “money is no object” and she’ll take everything on the menu because Jimmy Jim really … Read more

Adele Says She Cried All Day After GRAMMY Audio Glitch

Everyone in the world with ears was looking forward to Adele’s performance of “All I Ask” at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards, but unfortunately, things didn’t go all that well for the ultra-talented superstar. After the show, Adele tweeted about the audio problem and seemed to brush it off with a laugh and a burger. … Read more

A Fan Lovingly Attacked Dierks Bentley on “The Ellen Show”

During a recent appearance on “The Ellen Show,” Dierks Bentley surprised a fan with a special beach getaway on a private plane to one of his shows. When Dierks announced the winner’s name she had the ultimate reaction. Dierks loved her reaction so much he made a meme out of it.   She’s #SomewhereOnABeach like… … Read more

Keith Urban Made Us Cry While Talking About His Dad to Ellen

After a long battle with cancer, Keith Urban‘s father, Robert Urban, passed away in late 2015. At the time, Keith shared with fans just how his father shaped his country music career, “My Dad’s love of country music and America set me on my life’s journey and shaped so much of who I am today.” During … Read more