Emily Ann Roberts and Ricky Skaggs Give a Toe-Tapping Performance of “Country Boy”

During this year’s “Voice” finale runner-up Emily Ann Roberts and country music legend Ricky Skaggs teamed up to perform Skaggs’ toe-tapping, twangy “Country Boy” and it couldn’t be any better if it tried. We just have to say, Emily Ann and Ricky Skaggs are an absolute match made in Heaven. Emily Ann’s angelically pure vocals mixed … Read more

9 Times Emily Ann Roberts Rocked Cowgirl Boots on National TV

Not only does season nine contestant on “The Voice,” Emily Ann Roberts sound like a country music angel, she looks like one too. Over the course of this season’s “The Voice” competition, the talented 16-year-old country singer has become known for her classic country style — namely, her glamorous cowgirl boots. In every single performance the young talent has been … Read more

Blake Shelton and Emily Ann Roberts Do Their Best Dolly and Kenny

If Emily Ann Roberts isn’t careful she’s going to have to put out an album made entirely of Dolly Parton cover songs. For the second week in a row, this time joined by her coach Blake Shelton, Emily Ann took a page out of Dolly Parton’s book and nailed it. Before taking the stage, Blake … Read more

Emily Ann Roberts Sings Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” on “The Voice”

Not too long ago in an interview with Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America,” Carrie Underwood said for a long time when covering her idol, Dolly Parton, she’d always try to do what Dolly did. Quickly, she learned no one could do what Dolly can do, so she just put her own spin on Dolly’s songs. … Read more

Emily Ann Roberts Performs a Patsy Cline Classic on “The Voice”

Emily Ann Roberts is no Patsy Cline, but she doesn’t have to be in today’s country music auto-tuned, electronic drum beats world. The 17-year-old performed another stripped-down, classic country music song on the Top 10 episode of “The Voice,” and even Cline would likely approve of her version of “She’s Got You.” Last week, Emily … Read more

Emily Ann Roberts Brings Bluegrass to “The Voice”

If you’re trying to find bluegrass music on your television during Primetime, you probably don’t find it very often. That’s why Emily Ann Roberts brought it to center stage during her performance of The Judds‘ classic, “Why Not Me?” The #TeamBlake member was hesitant about going full-tilt bluegrass, but coach Blake Shelton convinced her it … Read more

Find Out What the Members of Team Blake Really Think About Each Other

The members of #TeamBlake, aka the best “The Voice” team ever, open up about what they really think about each other — hint: they love each other. In our opinion, Team Blake is the most compatible, most lovable team of all. All three members are from the South, love country music, are incredibly talented and have the best dynamic. Also, no … Read more