Country Music Buzz

Lots of good stuff happening in Nashville right now and we’ve got it all in one place! Here is the BUZZ in Country Music this week: Luke Bryan Debuts No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Music Album Chart He’s at it again! The reigning 2013 ACM Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan is proving himself worthy … Read more

Eric Church’s ‘The Outsiders’ Tests The Limits Of Country

When it comes to creative freedom, Eric Church isn’t afraid to test the boundaries in fresh, electric new ways. Up until this point, he’s stayed within the confines of tradition, with only a slight dusting of southern rock. On Sinners Like Me(2006), Carolina (2009) and Chief (2011), the modern-day outlaw only hinted at his ambition, … Read more

Eric Church: The Outsiders Debuts at No. 1

It only took a week for Eric Church’s newest album, The Outsiders, to reach the No. 1 spot both the Billboard Top 200 and the Billboard Top Country Album sales charts with album sales of 287,688. These sales have nearly doubled his previous album, Chief, first week sales. In advance of the release of The Outsiders, Church was recently profiled on CBS Sunday Morning with … Read more

Inside Eric Church’s Outsider World

Last weekend Eric Church sat down with CBS’ Mark Strassmann for an inside look at this self-proclaimed bad boy’s world. Turns out, he’s not all that bad without his aviators and hat. Church’s most recent album, “The Outsiders” came last Tuesday to mixed reviews from country and rock critics. Image Source: CMA

7 Lessons Girls Can Learn from Bro Country

Bro Country: songs about the good life, a backroad, cold beer, girls shakin’ it, big trucks in the moonlight and every other thing you ever imagined happening at a party. Ever. In most bro country songs, all of these things are happening at the same time. It’s hard to find a song just about beer … Read more

Keith Urban and Eric Church: Raise ‘Em Up

“Raise ‘Em Up” is an emotional song that’s simple and relatable. Keith Urban and Eric Church sing of the things in life that matter, that don’t matter and everything in between. The song begins with raising up glasses to celebrate good times and wash away the heartache. Because, that’s life, right? Through good times and bad we … Read more