Exclusive Premiere: Jamie O’Neal Releases Uplifting and Colorful Lyric Video For “The World Goes On” [Watch]

Jamie O'Neal exlusive premiere lyric video for the world goes on

Leave it to Jamie O’Neal to give the world a lift when it needs it most. As the country finds itself battling the coronavirus pandemic amidst racial protests, Jamie has released an uplifting single, “The World Goes On,” giving the world a much needed boost. Jamie, best known for No. 1 hits “There is No … Read more

“A Star Is Born’s” Bradley Cooper Gets Real On Emotions, Music and Love For Gaga

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve likely heard of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s new movie, A Star Is Born— and rightfully so. After a year of guitar and vocal lessons, Bradley Cooper stars in the film as a country-rock superstar, a radically new role for the actor. … Read more

Exclusive: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Shares His Favorite Country Artists and the Role Country Music Plays in His Life

There has always been a bit of an edge to Dale Earnhardt Jr., an edge that went and helped him become one of NASCAR’s fiercest competitors throughout the years until his retirement in 2017. Yet, when you bring up the subject of country music, that edge seems to wear off just a tad, and you … Read more

Exclusive: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says New Book “Racing to the Finish” Tells His Truth— and It Might Strike a Nerve

As the days tick away towards the Oct. 16 release of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s book “Racing to the Finish: My Story,” the former NASCAR driver and now much-loved broadcaster says he is getting more uneasy by the day. And for good reason. “I have let some people close to me read it already, and parts … Read more

Newcomer Jimmie Allen Shares Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek at New Video For “Best Shot”

Jimmie Allen sneak peek video

Newcomer Jimmie Allen is gearing up for the release of his new video for his debut single “Best Shot,” from his self-titled EP. But first, the Delaware native is giving One Country an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video. 

Exclusive: Why Walker Hayes Sometimes Wishes Kenny Chesney Wasn’t On The Radio

Songs have a funny way of reminding us of past memories. Some songs remind you of breakups, falling in love for the first time, or your senior year of high school. Kenny Chesney reminds Walker Hayes of his marriage. Chesney’s music has described Hayes’ relationship with his wife from day one. So when he and his wife are fighting, and they both want to be angry, the last thing they want to hear is Kenny on the radio.

“We were doing that thing where we were seeing who could be the most pissed,” Hayes told One Country’s Kelly Sutton with a chuckle. “I just turned on the radio– trying to be real flippant about it – and “Anything But Mine” was on the radio. That song reminds me of the year we moved to Nashville. I was having all of these memories of us listening to it in our apartment and I was like, ‘Shut up, Kenny.’ Then I changed the station out of frustration and the same song was on. It was a sign.”

One week later, Hayes wrote “Shut Up, Kenny” which is featured on his debut album.

Who knew Kenny Chesney was Hayes’ guardian angel? I guess Kenny is more powerful than we ever imagined.

boom is out now.

Dolly Parton Has a Very Specific Pizza Order and I Don’t Know How I Feel About It

Dolly Parton is one of my personal heroes. I think she should be labeled as a National Treasure, like Mount Rushmore or jazz music. She’s inspiring, uplifting, the American dream and so many more things.

One Country had the chance to sit down
Dolly to discuss her new children’s album, I Believe In You, and though I couldn’t be there, I relayed a couple of questions to her. Like– what kind of pizza does she like? I need to know this, because honestly, if I ever got to eat dinner with Dolly, I’d probably ask if she wanted to get a pizza.

Her answer surprised me. It wasn’t as bad as Canadian bacon and pineapple or anything, it was just so specific.

“I would get the supreme on thin crust. With extra pork sausage,” she said, without hesitation– so, you know this is real.

Extra pork sausage? On thin crust?

I guess that’s my new favorite pizza, too.

Also, Dolly doesn’t think Kenny Rogers eats thin crust.

I Believe In You is available now.

[Exclusive] Dolly Parton’s New Album Hopes to Bring Blessings and Joy During These Crazy, Dark Times

Dolly Parton’s 43rd studio album, I Believe In You, may be labeled a children’s album, but it’s still classic Dolly. The lyrics are simple, smart and at times, funny.

About the album, Dolly told One Country, “I do it in a fun teaching way, almost like I’m Miss Dolly, their school teacher… I make it fun, but I teach them a really good lesson.”

Not to mention, Dolly thinks the songs contain messages we all need to hear right now, “I think I’ve got a lot of good messages in there and I really think this day and time, the world is so crazy and dark, I think it’s very uplifting– even for the parents. I think the whole family might get a blessing out of it– or some joy.”

I Believe In You is available now.

Kelsea Ballerini Gives Us a Clue to What Her ‘Unapologetically’ Album Cover Looks Like

Kelsea Ballerini has been super secretive about her new album Unapologetically. But she did give us a little hint about it.

“I’ve known this for so long and I’ve just been dying to talk about it,” she told One Country on a recent red carpet. Coincidentally, just that morning she had gotten a look at the album’s cover for the first time.

“The whole album is very dark and light. It starts with heartbreak and goes into love. We wanted a cover that involved both,” she teased.

And we can’t blame her. Her “people” were eyeing her from behind the stanchion. Not allowed to give too much away.

Unapologetically comes out on Nov. 3

Exclusive Premiere: Joe Nichols Releases Lyric Video for “Never Gets Old”

After four years of waiting, new music from Joe Nichols is here! “Never Gets Old,” written by Steve Moakler, Connie Harrington, is the title track to Arkansas native’s latest album, out July 28. “One of my favorite songs on this album and one of the last songs to come along,” Joe says.”We found this song … Read more

Exclusive Premiere of Lucas Hoge’s “ShooFly Pie”

New music is on the way from Lucas Hoge. We’ve got the exclusive first listen to Dirty South‘s first track. “Growing up in Nebraska, I never heard of ShooFly pie,” Lucas tells One Country. “I had it for the first time and pretty much determined that it was the sweetest dessert I’d ever had. I … Read more

Exclusive Premiere: Mary Sarah Smolders on Brand New “Without You”

Mary Sarah might not have won “The Voice” last year (because we can’t have nice things)– but don’t worry about her, she’s just fine. At least, that’s what she confidently admits in her new song “Without You,” a mid-tempo, classic-swinging break-up song which frames her twang front-and-center. One Country is honored to get our hands … Read more