10 Common Grooming Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Being a well-groomed man is as much about avoiding tragic mistakes as it is performing small, tidying rituals. No matter how carefully you shave or how expertly you style your hair, if your fingernails look like bear claws, you’re really no better off. Below are a few of the most common grooming mistakes that men … Read more

How To Grow Out Your Eyebrows and Create A Natural Look

Eyebrow trends have seemed to change dramatically over the last decade. Back in the early 2000s, the majority of women were rocking the thin brow look, with arch definition being of little importance. Within the past few years, ladies are more commonly growing out the brows, aiming for a thicker style and a well-defined arch. … Read more

Solve Your Eyebrow Problems With This Eyebrow Stamp Pen

Eyebrows are notoriously difficult to mess with, leading to a very active market of products designed to erase our struggles. The only issue is, most of these products don’t work very well. Whether you’re stamping, using mascara to touch up, or something in between, things never quite go as planned. This eyebrow stamp pen is … Read more

Eyelash Staple Gun Sounds Super Painful But Actually Works Like A Charm

Okay, so it doesn’t really staple your eye. Basically this little eyelash gun pops out miniature eyelashes so you don’t have to worry about putting on fake ones yourself. After you get the hang of it, it’s a pretty easy way to apply eyelashes, and the look is just the same as if you applied … Read more

Are You Making These 10 Common Eyebrow Mistakes?

From shaping, to plucking, to picking the right direction to fill in your brows, a lot can go wrong in a very small amount of time. Whether you’re a chronic over-plucker, or you leave your brows raw, unshaped, and probably looking a little too furry, these tips won’t lead you astray. Check them out for … Read more

Accentuate Gorgeous Brown Eyes With This Easy Makeup Tutorial

If you’ve got gorgeous brown eyes, sometimes it can seem like makeup tutorials just don’t do enough to really accentuate the warmth in your eyes. You see lots of tutorials for women with different colored eyes, but not any celebrating natural brown eyes. You’re not alone. Brown is the most common eye color, and should … Read more

Women Finally Receive The Brows Of Their Dreams And Their Reactions Are Priceless

We’ve all dreamed of having perfect brows. Our current ones are never quite up to snuff, and we spend a lot of time plucking, cajoling, and finally giving up on them entirely. Many of these women have had similar experiences, but now they’re finally getting the chance to receive the perfect brows from an expert … Read more

One Woman Attempts To Color In Her Eyebrows With A Tattoo Pen

Most of us just don’t get along with our eyebrows. We pluck, we fill in, we beg, we plead, but they just won’t cooperate. We just can’t seem to get along with them, no matter what we do. There’s a multitude of products out there to fill in your brows, but it’s hard to tell … Read more

These Women Have Their Eyebrows Tattooed, And The Results Are Surprising

Most of us dream of thicker, fuller, and perfectly shaped eyebrows. We spend countless time, money, and energy worrying about what they look like, and we fret when they’re not quite up to snuff. Eyebrow pencils are gone before you can blink, and we’ve tried just about everything out there to achieve perfect brows. Almost … Read more

The Ultimate 100 Layer Video To End All 100 Layer Videos

The 100 layer trend is still going strong, with people trying just about everything under the sun to shock and awe viewers. We’ve seen foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, and even face paint. Honestly it’s hard to find something people aren’t using for these 100 layer videos. We’re still having an editorial discussion about which … Read more