Buffalo Chicken Wings Have Nothing to Do With Actual Buffaloes, So We’re Rethinking Everything

Oh, the chicken wing. For decades, chicken wings have been a fan-favorite party snack, especially when paired with an ice-cold beer and some football. Today, you can find chicken wings in practically any flavor, but unless you’ve watched a lot of “Food Paradise” or just generally enjoy knowing what some would deem “useless” facts about … Read more

The Most Hated Foods In The USA By State

There is a new dating app that suggests a lasting relationship can be built on common dislikes. No, they say, it isn’t about mutually enjoyed experiences, love can be about mutually despised things. As much as I hate the idea of going on a date to grip about what I don’t like, the new dating … Read more

23 Ridiculous State Laws from Around the U.S.

Without law and order, our country would descend into chaos, but some laws are outdated at best, or just plain stupid at worst. Check out these 23 ridiculous state laws from around the U.S. 23 Ridiculous State Laws from Around the U.S.: 1. Alaska – Moose may not be viewed from an airplane Pilot: “Do … Read more

Have You Ever Wondered What the Most Common Job In Your State Is?

Using data collected from the Census Bureau, NPR has created a handy little interactive map allowing you to see what the most common professions are by state and by year. Not surprisingly, truckers currently dominate the map as they are essentially needed for everything, and driving is yet to be fully automated. Another interesting commonality … Read more