“Nailed It!” (A Show About Baking Fails) Is Going to Be Your New Netflix Obsession

There is a new baking show in town and it is the only one you need to watch. Period. “Nailed It!” is a cooking competition in which average bakers try to recreate expert level baked goods in two hours. But instead of creating Pinterest-levels of perfection they make very relatable Pinterest-fails in a bid to … Read more

10 Christmas Cookie Fails That Are So Bad, They’ll Make You Feel Like Martha Stewart

We’ve all been there– you find a recipe on Pinterest for a festive cookie and you think to yourself: Yes, I am a capable adult and I can make these. So you go buy 700 ingredients to make said cookies and you get to work, only to discover that the instructions are hella confusing and … Read more

10 #ThanksgivingFails That’ll Make Your Family Meal Look Like a Magazine Spread

Twenty-five or so (more) years ago, my aunt made some mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner that didn’t go over too well with the family. I can’t remember what was wrong with them or if she forgot butter or something, but I do know her adult son, who was not alive at the time, even knows … Read more

12 Times Your Classic Santa Photo Didn’t End Up Like You Wanted

It happens every year, you load up your kids and head to the local mall to see Santa to capture that perfect Christmas photo. And then, Santa scares the life out of your child and you walk away with a grief-stricken child and overpriced photo of Santa staring into the camera as your child is … Read more