Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmy Fallon Had a Scooter Race on “The Tonight Show” and We’re Here For It

While Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s NASCAR career as a driver might now be in his rearview mirror, the much-loved personality showed that he still has some skills when it comes to racing. On Wednesday (June 27) episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Earnhardt Jr. decided to go head to head with the talk show … Read more

Olympic Superstar Chloe Kim Got A Big Surprise From Jimmy Fallon And We Could Not Love Her More

Jimmy Fallon is the greatest person to break great news. His super-friend level care for his guests makes him ideal. Just imagine finding our some of the biggest news of your life while Jimmy Fallon says, “We love you! You’re awesome! America loves you!” It would be pretty amazing. Chloe Kim, the snowboarding gold medalist … Read more

Brett Eldredge Performed His New Sexy Single “The Long Way” Live On “The Tonight Show”

The summer is typically a time when country musicians hit the road or hide from the public spotlight. It is a down time in the industry. But not for Brett Eldredge. Over the summer, he has debuted two new tunes with accompanying music videos (“Love Someone” and “Castaway”), released his self-titled album, and been a … Read more

7 #TextFails That Will Make You Cringe (Including One From Sheryl Crow)

Ah yes, the joy and peril of autocorrect. The tool that should make life easier has created more confusion than we ever thought possible. It always “corrects” simple and innocent texts into perverse and confusing words, making everything so wonderfully awkward. The only consolation to this is that you are not alone. “The Tonight Show” … Read more

The Best Reactions From The Insane “Will It Hotdog?” Challenge

I’ve always been told you don’t want to know what goes into a hotdog, that those who know can never enjoy a frank at a ballpark again. ignorance is bliss. But it could be worse– much much worse. Jimmy Fallon found that out the hard way. Jimmy Fallon took on one of the most insane … Read more

Jenna Dewan Tatum Taught Jimmy To Body Roll (It Did Not Go Well)

Jenna Dewan Tatum is a world class dancer, touring the world with Janet Jackson at the age of 19. But she is also a world class encourager and teacher. To prove it, she taught Jimmy Fallon the trademark Tatum move: the body roll. Sure, Jimmy can dance, but watching him try an actual move was … Read more

Jimmy Fallon’s “The Typical Beef Cheese” Is Pure Comedy And Proves Talking Is Outdated

“Despicable Me 3” is a mouthful. It’s just a bunch of syllables smashed together that people know to mean “Minions! Gru! Fluffy!” Even if a person were to say random words that vaguely rhymed with “Despicable Me 3”, like “Typical Beef Tree” or “The Pickle Will Eat Me”, people would not notice the difference. Seriously, … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Was Surprised To Find A #1 Country Recording Artist In His Audience

During breaks Jimmy Fallon likes to mingle with his audience. Little did he know that a country music star was in the crowd. Bill Hayes, a 92-year-old actor and musician, had not only been a guest on “The Tonight Show” three times before, but was also a Billboard Hot 100 #1 country artist. Bill Hayes … Read more

Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon Give Bruno Mars the Barbershop Quartet Treatment

Bruno Mars is a hit machine. His music is fun and infectious, and capable of making the stuffiest music hater to dance. But, how much of his music is built on his personality? If you stripped away the beat, the bass groove, and his attitude what would you be left with? Answer: Jimmy Fallon’s barbershop … Read more

Kids Tell Jimmy Fallon About Their Parent’s Jobs with Hilariously Awful Results

Kids say the darndest things, y’all. They may not have the world figured out, but they know enough to be dangerous and are willing to talk about it. You will get the truth straight from kids like you never will from adults. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have kids on late night … Read more