Controversy Swirls Around “Bachelor in Paradise” Star Jade Roper’s Big Fantasy Football Win

Jade Roper in Fantasy Football draft kings million dollar win

Jade Roper won big  on Bachelor in Paradise when she met, now husband, Tanner Tolbert andt hanks to some recent fantasy football picks, she may end up coming home a winner once again. On Sunday (Jan. 5,) Roper headed to her Twitter page when people utilizing the Draft Kings fantasy football site saw her name … Read more

You Know You Are a Fantasy Football Widow If . . .

There’s the hunting widow and the busy-season widow, but what about the fantasy football widow? You just might be a fantasy football widow if… 1. Your television spends all day Sunday stuck on a channel with a horrible eight-way split screen. The screens are so small that you couldn’t even see what’s happening if you … Read more