This Woman Took Her Maternity Pictures in a Fancy Gown at a Taco Bell and Now We Think Everyone Should

Almost every friend I have is a parent. And each of those parents participated in a maternity photoshoot of some sort. You know, they got kind of fancy, went out to a field, sat on a blanket and took some photos. Most of my friends aren’t Kristin Johnson, author of Strollers and Stilettos, a blog … Read more

Pizza Hut Will Soon Deliver Beer and Wine With Your Pizza and It’s Proof There’s Still Good In The World

There are few things I love more than a hot slice of pizza paired with an ice cold beer. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, or Tim and Faith; just meant to be. Luckily for myself and anyone else who likes pizza and booze, Pizza Hut has started delivering wine and beer along with their … Read more

KFC Only Follows 11 People on Twitter for the Most Amazing Reason

Ladies and gentleman, let’s meet Twitter hero @Edgette22, the genius who figured out that Kentucky Fried Chicken is only following 11 people on Twitter– the five spice girls and six guys named Herb. Wait. What? Yes, KFC, the multi-national chicken restaurant only follows 11 people on Twitter, but boast over a million followers. You know, … Read more

Wingstop and Wendy’s Got Into An Epic Rap Battle on Twitter and It Was Peak 2017

Fast food restaurants have been having some beef lately and I don’t mean burgers. Some chains use their signs to wage war while others are using their social media accounts. And somehow, Wendy’s is always in the center of the conflict. Hm… This week, they got into an epic rap battle with Wingstop on Twitter … Read more

This Girl Took Her Senior Pictures at McDonald’s Because It’s ‘Where She’s Happiest’

Now, don’t get me wrong; there are few things I love more than some fresh french fries from McDonald’s with a little sweet and sour sauce and an ice cold sweet tea. But this level of commitment to the Golden Arches takes it to a whole new level. Mikayla Cleckler, a soon-to-be graduate from a … Read more

Alabama Chick-Fil-A and  Family-Owned BBQ Joint Engage In Hilarious Sign War

Chick-Fil-A restaurants are known for their funny cow commercials, customer service, “my pleasure” slogan, and being closed on Sundays; but one Chick-Fil-A in West Mobile, Alabama, accidentally upset a neighboring family owned BBQ joint when they advertised their Smokehouse BBQ Sandwich on their outdoor sign earlier this summer. Their nearby neighbor, Moe’s Original Bar B … Read more

Kristen Wiig’s New Pizza Hut Commercial Makes Me Uncomfortable

Kristen Wiig is a comedic genius. Pizza Hut makes pizza. So, sure, it makes sense that Pizza Hut would hire Wiig to play every man, wo-man and child America during its newest commercial. The only problem? It’s super weird. Wiig starts off dressed like a broke Guy Fieri, transitions to an old farmer, Jane Fonda … Read more

McDonald’s Explained Why Their Burgers Look Different In The Commercials

Almost everyone I know in a moment of desperation has had to go through the experience of getting fast food. You never have high hopes for the quality, but all too often, we are still disappointed to open the bag to see something that only vaguely resembles food. I’ve had Big Macs that looked like … Read more

When Fast Food Restaurants Fight, We All Win

If there is one thing all burger joints have in common it’s beef. I mean that both literally and figuratively because there are times when simple capitalistic competition turns into real rivalry. Sometimes that animosity spills over to cause rifts between restaurants that have nothing in common. That’s exactly what happened recently in Lubbock, TX … Read more

The McDonald’s Frork is the Utensil You Never Knew You Needed, Kind Of?

Fast food restaurants seem like they are scrambling to get people in their doors by reinventing normal foods or just shooting their food into space. As people push for more health conscious and sustainable food options, fast food has watched their market share decrease. Now, attention is the name of the game. McDonald’s is not … Read more